What to Write About On a Writer’s Blog

I have been hesitant for the longest time about starting up my own blog.  One of the reasons is that within recent years, I’ve developed an extreme tendency to not trust people as much anymore, and it’s a given that the Internet is one of the most vulnerable positions to ever put yourself in (yet we ironically do it all the time anyway).  But given the fact that I really need to start putting myself out there as a writer within books and what not that are in the process of completion, blogs and personal website tend to be the go-to methods for that.  And besides, maybe it will be good for me.

Another reason why I’ve been hesitant about starting up my own blog is out of the uncertainty of what to write about.  What does a writer write about on their own blogs?

I asked a writer friend of mine how does he decide what he writes about on his blog.  Given the fact that blogging is an adamant hobby of his, he basically blogs on whatever is of his musing.  I then asked another writer friend of mine how does she go about with the topics for her blog.  Needless to say, I was given a similar answer- though with more focus in self-discovery, I might add.I read a quote somewhere (who the individual is, I can’t remember for the life of me) that when an author keeps a blog, they shouldn’t use it to advertise.  They should use the blog just to talk.

For that matter, that’s what I shall do.  With a new year before us and I having to make use of my own personal marketing, I shall indeed talk; about what I find relevant, what needs to be talked about, and who matters- all the while being able to tie in with the journey I am on in becoming a writer.  There’s a strategy to this, and I’m sure to carve it well as I go along with this whole blogging process.

My name is Lauren by the way, in case I haven’t already properly introduced myself.


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