Human Lights

I was up at my university campus in the early hours of this Saturday morning to take a writing skills test.  It’s a requirement at my school that all students need to take and pass it (or take two heavy duty English classes) in order to graduate with our respective degrees.

A few hours later, after I was done, I met with a girl who sat in the same room as me for the test.  While we at first rambled on about the given topics we could do our essays on and the irony that we have to PAY to take the test (undermining any public university’s true motives), we also discussed our majors and passions.  I learned from this individual that as much as she did not enjoy the thrill ride of writing long essays as we had previously demonstrated within the past few hours before, she does enjoy writing to some degree, and how she wishes to write a book of her own for people to read.  She told me how she, at the same time, has always felt a little insecure about pursuing such an endeavor, so much as to where the few chapters of a book she wrote in high school had never been read by anyone else aside from her.

There’s something about striking up a conversation with someone either you’ll never see again, or will not see for a very long while, that allows you to say more than you would to individuals that you already know.  There’s a certain openness to that.  So naturally, I briefly touched upon how I’m planning to self publish a book later this year and, also just as naturally, I told her that if it’s something she has a passion for, she should go for it, without shame and without holding back.

It’s conversations like these, with people like her, that give insight to the depths of dreams and goals that people have.  It shows that we’re all driving towards something; the finish line more clearer for some people than others.  In that matter, it’s people like her that serves as a reminder to me that we’re just human beings, trying to make our way, on our own paths, in this world and in this life.  The struggle is there- some cases more subtle, others more heavy- but we all just have to find the light in us to help us along.

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