Last Day of 21

A year has come and gone, as quickly as it may be, and now I am less than a day away from turning 22.  My time as being the societal-hyped age of 21 is to end soon.

Whenever another birthday for me comes, I always imagine it as it is whenever the Doctor regenerates in Doctor Who; a new body, a new face, new fashion sense even… it’s as if you’re a completely different person.  And yet it’s never that drastic, the change in age.  It’s more of a gradual process that may not even last a full 365 days.

What may sound even stranger than that is that I feel as if I should have done more now than I have with my life.  I don’t even know why I think that.  Here I am: a college student, who, along with the necessary coursework from varying classes, I also take on other stuff on the side.  On top of that, within the past year, rather than going out and drinking and learning how to recover from hangovers before getting too old to do so, like a normal 21-year-old would do, I instead devoted a lot of time and energy to writing two books.

But for whatever reason though, it all still doesn’t feel like enough to me.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s my own inner, overly strict parent that is making me think like that.  It just feels like I’m not accommodating well with the goals I have set for myself.

But at the same time though, it’s one of those cases where I really need to stop and re-examine what I have on my plate in front of me, but in a different light.  I’m young!  I shouldn’t be too hard on myself for goals and expectations that are going to require time to do.  And yet even with that, in some way I have amassed quite a lot for someone my age… such as writing two books while a full-time college student.  In fact, just earlier today, I’m beginning to really make a name for myself as a writer, for I got some of my poetry featured on VerseWrights.

versewrights_homepageI need to learn to stop being so hard on myself all the time, and rather than look at what I haven’t achieved, look at what I have achieved already.  And for goals that are in between, well, they’re considerably in progress and on the road to achievement.

For that matter, I hope to make age 22 a good one in every way I can.


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