Living the Hill-Hopper College Life

The other day in one of the classes I’m taking this quarter for my major, my professor came in, asking how we’re doing.  Being sleepy and not fully awake as we were (including me), not a lot of us answered.  So then one thing led to another, and then he was then asking us if we actually wanted to be here in college.  I kid you not, there was one student who actually went on to say how she’d rather be working but that the only reason why she was enrolled in college was to get a degree and therefore enhance her career opportunities once she graduates.  Needless to say, my professor wasn’t too thrilled to hear this, pointing out how a degree isn’t always necessary to have a successful career.

Don’t you hate it when that happens; where the professor/teacher is lecturing at the entire class for the thoughts only a select population believe?  That’s how it is in the classroom setting for the most part; no mere individuals exist unless called on or have a question to ask.  Other than that, you’re all part of one big organism.

Its lectures like that, that I hate hearing.  I wish for anything in moments like that where my mind could be read, my thoughts exposed, and feelings  unsuppressed.  Coming from a family that’s adamant about education, it hurts me when I hear stuff like this, even if it is directed at certain individuals.

Growing up, I always knew I would go to college.  While for some people it could be considered a dream or an unforeseeable goal, for me, it was a reality.  I never had a problem with that and when I applied and received early admission for the school that I am to eventually call my alma mater, I wanted nothing more than to start that journey at that point, especially since the high school I was attending at the time was a rusty place of drama, stupidity and misunderstandings.

However, being a California student enrolled in a public university and with the economy only just striving to come out of its coma, it has not been easy.  I’ve had professors whom I would cringe at the sight of and would honestly consider them better off retired.  Whenever we’d introduce ourselves in class at the beginning of each quarter, there’s always that one student who, without shame, admits that they’re a reality show addict (*double spine cringe*).  The state government is constantly yanking up the tuition price and making it more difficult for us to pay, almost as if they don’t care about the future of their state.  Not to mention that the lack of availability of classes is no help whatsoever when trying to work towards your degree, therefore having to force you to remain there for more than four years.

It’s been difficult for sure, and I believe it’s something that the previous generations, including our parents’ generation, will never truly understand.

But I always strive to remain open-minded and optimistic, and in all honesty, there have been some a lot of good things that have come out of my college experience.  A lot of the classes that I’ve taken, whether for my major and minor or not, have really shaped the way I think and perceive varying subjects.  I’ve gotten involved in campus life in several ways, some of which I probably never would have imagined otherwise.  I’ve made new friends and befriended some amazing professors.  I have changed a lot, and am definitely not the same person that I was four years ago… and that’s a really good thing.

Many years from now when I look back on these years, I will remember them for both the good and the bad; the good because it’s always wise to keep those kinds of memories close to you; the bad (*cough* college tuition *cough*) in order to make a change in the future.

It’s rare for me to dwell deeply into my personal life, but after experiencing that lecture the other day, I couldn’t up but reflect back on it.  I’m in college to not only to learn a trade, but to learn just in general and to become a more well-rounded as a person.  And I know that the day I get my degree in my hands, I know it will be worth it.

I just wish other people, such as that one student in my class, could understand that.

One Reply to “Living the Hill-Hopper College Life”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. And yes, I do hate when profs lecture at a whole class about something that only applies to a few! It’s awesome you’ve gotten to take a bunch of classes outside your major. I’ll message you separately about something you mentioned.

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