Reality Can Be Beautiful Too!

We escape into fiction- in the forms of books, TV shows and movies- to escape reality.  We escape into fiction sometimes, for the sake of searching for something greater that may seem impossible to find otherwise in this really real world of ours.  But sometimes, that’s not always necessary.

Fiction can be incredibly dark.  Who else cringed from reading the incredible detail of the blood bath in The Hunger Games?  The Harry Potter books become darker and darker throughout the course of the seven publications.  Also, not going to lie, as much of an admirer I am of his works, some of Haruki Murakami‘s books can get pretty weird and dark every once in a while too.  Sometimes, fiction needs to take a break from the mind.

But sometimes, there are things about this world that are not any better from what we may read up in fiction.  In many ways, we are still in a dark chapter of humanity.  That’s why there are people who actually elect not to watch the news, to avoid hearing about murders and international conflicts and politics and what not.  As a communication major, I’ve been told that there’s no such thing as “good news” and “bad news;” it all depends on how they’re perceived.  That may be, from an objective point of view; but it’s very obvious why we perceive news like that anyway.

The negative and dark can be powerfully consuming, and take over us as a whole.  However, I always prefer to go seeking out positive stories anyway.  It may not seem like it, but they’re not that hard to find.  You just need to know where to look.

Take for instance this incredibly crazy occurrence.  Two young women, both born in the same South Korean city, on the same day, both adopted, living countries apart… find each other via social media.  One of them contacted the other and noting their commonalities- including physical appearance- they took on a documentary on their experience of what eventually would be confirmed via DNA test: identical twin sisters finding each other after 25 years apart!

I know this story wasn’t really brought into the limelight until this year, but I’ve been following their journey since they launched the first Kickstarter campaign.  It makes sense for it to be very much like the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, for these sorts of things never happen!  I find it to be a beautiful story of two sisters finding each other after all these years, through social media of all mechanisms!

It’s stories like these that get to the heart; that what may seem impossible can be possible.  It’s stories like these that make reality beautiful.

It’s a theme I think about more so often; so much as to where the chapter I was re-writing yesterday for my book is focused on that as a theme.  The chapter centers on two friends who are about to go off to their respective colleges, and while one is heavily worried about the future nature of their relationship, the other is more optimistic.  They play a game as they go about their day trip to San Francisco where they spot unusual occurrences and decide whether what they played witness to actually happened, or if it was completely fabricated.

Reality alone can be beautiful, but don’t think that fiction can’t have a role in making it so.  There are times in life where having them both incorporated can be very handy indeed.

Let me see if I can put it to you this way: In 2011, Wong Fu Productions released a thoughtful short film called “SHELL;” that focuses in on the theory of what you want to remember- even if it’s a completely fictional memory.  Accompanied with its release was writer/director Wesley Chan’s just as thoughtful director’s commentary on their website about how the film came to be, and there’s this one part of it that really struck me in awe.  He talked about how while something of complete fiction may never break outward into reality, he hopes that the film leaves viewers inspired to tackle their own realities head on with their dreams and fictions of their own.

Reality can be beautiful.  You just need to know where to look and how to make it so.

“And then… fiction becomes reality.” -“SHELL” (2011)


3 Replies to “Reality Can Be Beautiful Too!”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! And I was surprised it was so short! I can’t wait to read your book. Your description of the two friends getting to ready to leave for college made me think of the most recent Glee ep (titled “Trio”) about Tina, Blaine, and Sam dealing with the fact that graduation is coming soon. Mostly unrelated — have you seen the movie Adventureland? Anyway, I agree, I’m most moved by true stories of good. I like Huff Post Good News for happy stuff, occasionally. I also backed Twinsters! One thing I notice, especially among other artists/writers/musicians/performers: we don’t celebrate each other’s victories that much. We show up for each other’s opening nights, but we’re not REALLY that happy when someone gets a lot of acclaim. There’s so much negativity and competition and internal envy among artists. I think the root of it is that we’re just each insecure about our own work. I think it really kills so much of the potential beauty that reality could have for all of us.

    1. This post was short you say? Hmmm… seemed average length to me… anyway…
      I don’t know if that particular chapter will be anywhere similar to any episode of “Glee.” If anything, I would like to think that, that chapter has a bit of a Wong Fu vibe to it. 😉
      And no, I haven’t see “Adventureland.” There are A LOT of films I have never seen that I guess I should get around to seeing eventually.
      And yes, you make a point on how there always seems to be negativity around creative people when they have success of some capacity. One can say it stems from jealousy. Some have other reasons. It still doesn’t make it okay though. I think that if pop culture weren’t so into the drama all the time- such as rumors being spread, relationship statuses and what not- and had more emphasis on passion projects, then I think that would make for a better industry.

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