Special Sunday Post: We Need Diverse Books Campaign May 1-3

Surprise, surprise.  The weekend isn’t even over yet and I already have another blog post for you all.  And here’s the kicker… this one wasn’t even planned. Continue reading “Special Sunday Post: We Need Diverse Books Campaign May 1-3”

The Masculinity Effect

With AMW now a mere few months away from its release, I’ve really taken to looking through the book and examining for the influences from my own life and interests that have seeped through to my written words.  There’s plenty to point out: from the fact that the book is primarily set in modern times, to the way the characters behave; from the locations the chapters are set at, to plot line motives.

Through it all though, I have to say that one of the more interesting influences- to me as the writer- is the influence of masculinity that I incorporate at times throughout the book.  There’s something about the subject matter that I always find to be quite fascinating. Continue reading “The Masculinity Effect”

Thoughts About Gabriel García Márquez

It’s not everyday when an author’s name becomes a trending topic on Twitter.  However, when that is that case, then there’s often a legitimate reason why.  Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez was a trending topic this past Thursday when he passed away at the age of 87 from pneumonia.  Not only was this sad news for the Latin American community, but also the entire world. Continue reading “Thoughts About Gabriel García Márquez”

My Name Is Lauren… And I’m A Millennial

I’ve always been known to be an “old soul.”  I actually enjoy reading, I keep journals, I don’t like to go clubbing, I’m very selective about when I talk, I get along better with people who are older than me than people my own age, and so on.

However, I still have to be real.  I’m not as old as my mentality would show otherwise.  I’m what’s commonly referred to as a millennialContinue reading “My Name Is Lauren… And I’m A Millennial”