Countdown: T-Minus 2-3 Months(-ish)

A lot has been going on with the book (AMW) since the previous update on it.  It’s moving right along in terms of getting ready to be read by others.

Let’s start by talking about the title of the blog post.  I know before that it was more about three months until its release, but since that time, I’ve given myself more options has to when I want AMW to come out, depending on how long tasks for it take.  That’s the nice thing about being independent from publishing houses; it’s you who gets to be in charge of decisions like that and it’s something that doesn’t have to be decided right away.

Editing is still going on.  I know a lot of that seems to be going on more than anything else, but it’s absolutely necessary for the sake of grammar, flow, and it making sense.  It’s also given me the opportunity to see just how long the book is and I have to say, I’m so shocked that I had written all that.

There is a cover design in process.  In late February, I asked a friend of mine if she’d be willing to create one for AMW (she’s quite handy at graphic designing) and since then, there’s been one in the works.  I’ve been told I’m to see a draft for it sometime this weekend.

I’ve also been trying to get a song done for AMW; a theme song.  I know that sounds really weird and possibly unheard of, but I swear they exist.  In fact, a friend of mine had a rapper friend of hers do one for when her book came out last year and having read her book, I can definitely say that it’s quite fitting.  I’ve always loved music on a more intimate scale, in terms of looking for meaning and attributing it to something or someone with a similar feel or purpose.  Not to mention that I feel that a song with add a certain dimension for AMW altogether.

But unfortunately I’ve had little luck in that department.  I’ve been asking around to my musician friends for two months already and a lot of them are unavailable to make one.  I guess at this point, there’s a chance that it may not happen and if that turns out being the case, well… at least I tried.

I think a big, publicity-related task that still needs to get done is getting my picture taken.  I need that “author headshot” taken, not only to go in AMW, but on other accounts relating to me (such as social media for instance).  Notice how I don’t really show my face a lot- if at all- on my public social media forums.  You look at my Instagram account and other than my profile picture, I only show my face in four of the photos.  I do this with purpose: and that is that mystery is important.  I also think it has to do with the desire to direct more focus on the content I’m putting out there, rather than just me.

But I can’t hide my face forever; not as the author of a novel.  I believe it’s another one of those tasks where I should ask around to the photographers I know and see who’s up for it.

At this stage in AMW, I think it’s more so about getting other people involved to help it get ready to go online and what not.  But that’s what I find the most difficult though; asking people for help.  It has not so much to do with the trust issues I’ve been dealing with for the past few years, but more so to do with the fact that I don’t want to feel like I’m bothering anyone by asking them for favors.

But for what it’s worth, it’s worth asking, isn’t it?

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