Special Sunday Post: We Need Diverse Books Campaign May 1-3

Surprise, surprise.  The weekend isn’t even over yet and I already have another blog post for you all.  And here’s the kicker… this one wasn’t even planned.

I just came across this campaign that I find very empowering and I figured I pass it along to all of you.  There is this emerging campaign called We Need Diverse Books that’s all about adding a lot more diversity to children’s literature, and it’s going to have a three-day event happen this coming week.  From May 1-3, with the aid of various social media platforms, a public call for action will take place in order to bring awareness to this issue.  From photos to tweets, to online chats and submissions, it’s all for the case of getting this subject heard and seeing some progress happen.  More detailed instructions on what to do on each day of the campaign can be found on its Tumblr page by referring to here.

I was really pleased to come across this.  Not only am I super passionate about subjects like this, but this is a sort of a subject that I will be addressing in my next blog this coming Saturday.  You know something is up when only 93 out of 3,200 children’s books that were published last year center on black characters– and while they didn’t show the stats for other minorities, well, it basically wasn’t too good for them either.  It’s time to change this.

So please go check out their website and if you can, please partake in the campaign by any means necessary.  Let’s get #WeNeedDiverseBooks rolling/trending!



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