Countdown: T-Minus 2 Months(-ish)

As much as I’ve said it previous times, the moment of truth is cutting even closer now.  I can almost hear the clock ticking as time constantly goes by to that final moment before AMW is released.

Two months are what separates me and that release date now.  Ideally I would have liked to release it next month, but because of where I am with the book at the moment as well as school work and other things, I have to be realistic in the sense that July would be a better month to release it.  I’m holding back on announcing the release date for a little while longer, but what I can say is that I already have a day in mind, and I so incredibly hope to meet it.

Perfection (or what’s considered close to perfection anyway) is being crafted and weaved as the edits continue.  My editor has been a HUGE help to me and my book is looking better than before.  I aim to do some edits and re-writes this weekend.  It’s just hard to find time when you’re a full-time student in college.

As for the cover design, some roles are being switched and different arrangements are being made.  Due to other obligations and lack of proper software, the individual whom I originally asked to design it removed herself from the project earlier this week.  I completely understand her reasons for having to drop from the project.  I just wish I had been informed a lot earlier.

Fortunately, I wasn’t cover designer-less for too long, for now my brother has since filled in the position.  He’s done graphic designs for a number of years already and he’s quite good at it.  He’s a convenient second option, and he was surprisingly easy to persuade to do it (knowing him).  I can imagine this to be an interesting collaboration amongst us as siblings.

So as it turns out, there’s still a chance that AMW might get a theme song after all.  After having sent a message over a month ago regarding it, another musician friend of mine finally got back to me about it, asking about it with seemingly great interest.  I gave him the full-fledged details about what I mean by a theme song for a book, and even a little bit about what mine is about, and I’m still awaiting a confirmation as to whether or not he’ll do it.  This guy is a really talented music maker and composer, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I’ve gotten a bit better since previously about asking people to assist me in the final stages of this endeavor of mine.  However, as I feared, my trust issues are being toyed with as well.  As any writer would say, this is a personal passion project of mine, so anyone I let in to help me or contribute in some way, I have to make sure that 1. I can fully trust them and 2. they have the best interest at heart.  To me, you don’t leave these kinds of tasks to just anyone.

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