Countdown: T-Minus LESS Than 1 Month

Signs indicating business is in order beyond that door. Photo by Lauren Lola
Signs indicating business is in order beyond that door. Photo by Lauren Lola

It’s all coming down to this now.  I have less than a month before AMW is released.  Tasks are being completed and things are being finalized as the release date rapidly approaches.  For that matter, this post will be the final monthly update on the progress of the novel.

All major edits to the manuscript are officially complete.  While there are some tweaks that may need to be made here and there, for the most part, there aren’t really any other changes that I really need to make.  I devoted six months to editing the manuscript, and with that- along with the help from my editor- it looks a lot better than it did when I originally completed the writing.  Now it’s just all in the matter of getting it in the correct format in preparation for the release.

As I continue to be constantly reminded of from life itself again and again, sometimes you just got to do things yourself; and aside from editing, I’ve done more than that for my book.  My brother wound up not designing the book cover after all; I did.  It was more so out of the desire to step in because I got the idea for the cover more than anything else.  But at the same time though, my actions were ever so convenient on my behalf, for my brother is never around- let alone has time of his own- anyway.  I’ve always been a very visual person, and when I took the picture that is now the cover of my book, everything else fell into place, idea-wise.  In my not-so humble opinion, I love how it looks, and I hope other people find it appealing enough to be drawn to.

Lo and behold; AMW has a theme song!  It’s definitely more than I asked for, for it’s a song that I have loved and admired from the moment I first heard it over a year ago.  The artist behind the making of this piece offered it up as the theme song, after hearing as to how I like it so much.  I’m not going to say which song it is or the name of the artist just yet, but within the next month or so, I will announce it.

Friends and family are getting excited for it; so much as to where some of my classmates talked about it briefly prior to the commencement ceremony last week.  For me, the feeling hasn’t sunken in just yet, seeing to the tasks that still need to be done.  However, now that a date has been decided, I know that  more thoughts will be thought and more feelings will be felt once the date is on the horizon.  I haven’t as much assistance as I normally would have liked, but for those who did contribute at all in helping in any way, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

AMW is almost here.  My lifelong goal of writing a book is soon to be a reality (at a far earlier time in life than I otherwise would have expected).  It’s with that in mind that I’d like to announce that tomorrow, I will finally be revealing what AMW stands for and the book’s release date.

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