Special Sunday Post: Novel Title and Release Date REVEALED!

It’s a “side project” that I’ve been working on since late 2012.  It’s been incredibly under-wraps, so much as to where it’s only within the past three months that my peers at school are starting to find out about it.  It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but in no way would have expected getting it done this early in life.  But I feel ready to take on this dream that I’ve been working towards my entire life- and especially this past year.

It’s with that, that I want to go ahead and finally reveal the name of my mysterious novel and the day it’s going to be released.  It is called…

designed by Lauren Lola
designed by Lauren Lola

Even though I spoke briefly about the premise already previously, I shall reiterate and elaborate here.  A Moment’s Worth is a contemporary-fantasy-sci-fi novel.  It focuses on 25 chapters/narratives  and how they are all interconnected into one, cohesive web of a whole.

The interconnectivity amongst the human race is one of the primary elements of the book.  I read books and watched TV shows throughout the past year that focused a lot of that theme, whether consciously iterated or quietly carved into the text; from David Mitchell’s novels to Tim Kring’s TV series.  There is an ancient Chinese fable that tells of how everyone we know and everyone we will meet is all based on fate- fate being the invisible red thread we’re all tied to.  No matter what conditions the thread goes through, whether it be knotted up or tangled, it remains firmly intact as the fates drive us all together.

It’s upon learning this concept that I couldn’t help but find incredibly fascinating.

The other two primary elements are just as important as to how the book plays out; that being as to what can happen in the length of a moment (a moment in this case being a short period of time- whether that be a few minutes, an afternoon, an evening, etc.) and the vague line between fiction and reality.

Even though there are several cases of the most unlikely of usual of circumstances- even in the more “realistically-speaking” chapters- for the most part, not a whole lot of the characters make much of it.  There are chance encounters.  There are impossible happenings.  There’s a heavy indication of it mostly taking place in modern times with the appearances of smart phones and social media, but just as much-if not more- the heavy appearances of unusual conversations and origami cranes (this is very important).

It’s very important to understand that this a novel, not a short story collection.  While each chapter may just as well act as a sole short story, you need to read them all to see and understand how they connect.  It’s like a puzzle in a sense; you need all the pieces to see the big picture.

I’m taking a risk with putting out a novel such as this.  You don’t come across narratives this often where it requires a certain depth of analysis and understanding from the reader.  There are some who will love it, and some who will hate it, and I’m building up my second layer of armor for both case scenarios as we speak.  But I’m stubborn, I’m driven, and I have a focus.  I wrote this book anyway, because I know of pre-existing narratives of a similar kind in advance- and therefore know that there is an audience for this.

A Moment’s Worth is coming out in July.  There will be details provided on how to buy it, but that will be saved for a later date.

At least now you have a better understanding as to what I’ve been working on this whole time.

4 Replies to “Special Sunday Post: Novel Title and Release Date REVEALED!”

  1. Sounds really interesting and different, like Catch 22 or something. Would be great to see an excerpt or sample chapter ahead of the publication date…
    Good luck for the 15th!

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