Special Sunday Post: Recurring Themes to Know Before Reading AMW

I have a little over a week before A Moment’s Worth becomes available.  Within the past several months leading up the occasion, there have been days where I would dedicate my weekly post to discussing a theme, my observations in how it  plays out in literature (and sometimes in real life), and how it will be incorporated into my book.  However, not everyone who is reading my blog now may have not been reading it at the time when some of these previous posts were written, or perhaps missed out on it somehow.  So before AMW is released, I thought I take this time to provide for you all links to those various posts to read up on, in preparation for the book.  All the links will be listed below for you to take the time to look through them.



Thoughts About Young Adult Fiction (5/24/14): “My first novel will technically be a YA novel, but I believe that by the way I wrote it, adults may just as well be as responsive to it- for perhaps very different reasons as the younger counterparts probably would.”

Representation and Diversity Through Books (5/3/14): “As a little girl, one of my favorite books was about the love between an Inuit mother and daughter.  Why aren’t there more books like that?”

The Masculinity Effect (4/26/14): “…I have to say that one of the more interesting influences- to me as the writer- is the influence of masculinity that I incorporate at times throughout the book.  There’s something about the subject matter that I always find to be quite fascinating.”

My Name is Lauren… And I’m A Millennial (4/12/14): “If anything, because of how modern and current it is in its setting and in its ways, that just may be one of my favorite aspects about the book.”

Reality Can Be Beautiful Too! (3/8/14): “[Reality is] a theme I think about more so often; so much as to where the chapter I was re-writing yesterday for my book is focused on that as a theme.”

Influences and Non-Influences of the Suburbs and Establishing a Mentality (1/4/14): “The book that I’m working on at the moment has most of it taking place in and around the LA area- a city that I’ve been to only once in my life.  But with the amount of research that I’ve done, I intend to resemble it not only as close as it actually is as possible, but also the way I see it; the way it were if I were granted access to literally walk about the visions in my head.”

Side Note: If you’re an active Smashwords user, this is just a reminder that A Moment’s Worth is now available for pre-order on there, and will be soon on other venues as well.  Also, if you want to read my short story, The Shadows, then be sure to check it out on Amazon here.

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