Final Thoughts Before AMW Part 2 of 2: Last Bits of Advice for Potential Readers

Two days remain until A Moment’s Worth is finally released.  It’s the calm before the storm.

Despite the thoughts and feelings that are continuously coursing through my mind, body and soul as described yesterday, I feel ready to release it.  However, before doing so, I also want to make sure that anyone who is going to read knows what they’re getting themselves into.  What kind of book are you about to read?  What can you expect?  Who would enjoy this book?  What mindset should you meditate on before reading A Moment’s Worth?

Remember… It’s a Novel

As I said the day I announced the title, this is a novel, NOT a short story collection.  Just like any other novel, it’s meant to be read from beginning to end.  Each chapter can easily be an individual short story when standing alone, but they NEED to be read together, IN ORDER, in order for it all to make sense.  If you read the narratives in Cloud Atlas out of order of when they appeared, then you may as well be one of the more bizarre readers on the face of the earth.  I really wanted to take the time to address this again, seeing that there are some people that I know whom I have to re-iterate it to, over and over again.

What to Expect

On the surface: College students with unique experiences the exceed beyond the realm of fraternity/sorority pledges, all-nighters and drinking.  Children who provide a deeper kind of insight to life, even without them realizing it.  Public figures that have nothing to do with physical appearances or who they’re dating.  Passion projects.  Risks.  Origami cranes.

On a deeper level: A thorough outlook on the interconnectivity amongst the human species.  An exploration of the rapidly fading line between what is real and what is fantasy, for they’re constantly blending together.  A peek at what can be seen, discovered, and learned in the time period of a moment, an afternoon, an evening, or even a whole day.

The People Who Would Like It

Anyone who is a fan of either contemporary, fantasy, and/or science fiction.  People who like to explore how we’re all connected to each other.  People who need an escape from the adolescent-encrypted tone in most young adult novels nowadays, but still crave a youth-esque look on the world. People who like the multi-narrative books of David Mitchell, the interconnective storylines of a Tim Kring TV show, and/or enjoy the feel good, thought-provoking short films of Wong Fu Productions.  People who like to think.

Go Into It With An Open Mind

I cannot stress this enough.  If you go into the book with expectations somehow already made, then you’re going to have a really hard time reading the book.  Using the synopsis as a guide when going into this book, and then go from there.  In the words of Bruce Lee, “Be water, my friend.”


Help me out by rating the book, leaving reviews, and sharing it with people you know.  This is something else I cannot stress enough.  That was one of the things I was most disappointed about, in regards to the reception to The Shadows; that it hardly got any reviews and not a lot of people- in particular, people I already know– haven’t read it.  This book has been up and coming for a year and a half and I don’t have a PR team backing me up.  I’m on my own.  Every share, every review, every download counts, so please help me out.  This is my debut novel, and while I don’t expect for it to be a New York Times bestseller or anything, I do want for it to get the recognition that I know it deserves.

As far as advice goes, that’s about it.  Thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog and more so to those who follow my blog.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me as I’ve taken on this hefty endeavor.

It won’t be long now.

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