‘A Moments Worth’ by Lauren Lola – Review

Many thanks to The Best Slice of Pie for writing the first full-fledged review on “A Moment’s Worth.” Never in a millions year would I have thought of calling my book a “spiritual guide” or a “journey,” so I find your words quite flattering.


Firstly I loved how the book opened with a quote. I love when a little thought nugget is given to set the mood. It prepares you with the right expectations to begin, and this quote holds more than just a random similarities, it is quite literally tied in in every way.

This book is a whirlwind of lessons, philosophies and emotional understandings. I usually get bored with books that jump characters but the clever way in which this was done kept my eyes firmly on the pages (kindle screen). Young life and all it throws at you can be tough and for many characters in this book they are just starting to find themselves, their place in life. These little moments of fate or destiny and random conversations helping them on their path. Lola shows how beautiful short encounters can be, how they can massively impact our lives and just…

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