The Power of Words

They say that “actions speak louder than words.”  However, I personally don’t always believe that to be the case.

I don’t deny the fact that actions say a lot about a person, but whose to say that words aren’t just as prominent of identifying character?  After all, isn’t the release of words a sort of an action on its own?

Words are powerful all on its own, because once you release what you need to say, regardless of whether it’s in written or an oral form, there’s never a permanent way of taking back what you say.  That’s why it’s always highly encouraged to choose your words carefully.

You know that overly cliched tactic used in a TV show or a movie where there’s a shouting match going on between two people and one of them finally ends it by either saying something very right or something very wrong that, no matter how much they regret it later, they can’t take back?  That’s the power of words, regardless of circumstance.

You know how when you’re reading a book and you suddenly come across a quote that you can’t help but find resonating with you?  That’s the power of words, in an enlightening fashion.

My mom once explained to me how she recited Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech for a school assignment but didn’t quite get the grade she was anticipating.  The reason: That speech is a powerful speech, and it takes very few individuals to deliver it with the same magnitude and impact the way Dr. King originally did.  That’s the power of words, in demand of affect.

Social media seems to expand upon the power of words, both at its best and at its worse.  In a recent incident to reach national headlines, that unfortunately is local news for me, is a high school teacher sending out threatening statements against her students about how they “make her trigger finger itchy” over Twitter, only for the teacher herself to say that she was only joking.  In a time where you never know if a school shooting is to happen at any corner of the country, it’s with that matter that this is an example of the power of words in its stupidest form.  I honestly think that, that teacher should be fired in my opinion.

One of my writer friends has a tattoo on her forearm, and it’s of a gun.  However, at the part where the bullet exits the chamber, the gun then morphs into the tip of a fountain pen.  If anything, she knows just as well I as I do, that words can be powerful; almost more than that of any form of weaponry.

For that matter, can you really blame the select few of us, I being one of them, for wanting to devote our lives to words?  We know very well the power they hold, how they can be manipulated to our advantage, and maybe even more so, how they can be delivered to spread love and peace into the world.

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