Special Tuesday Post: The 20 Reviews Goal

With the exception of the reblogs from The Best Slice of Pie, it’s been a while since I blogged on a day other than Saturday.  However, whenever I have, it’s always with good reason.

Come next week and it will be about two months since A Moment’s Worth has been released.  To some degree, it’s been doing well.  There have been several people who have read it already and from the people who have expressed their thoughts about it (whether directly to me or in a review), it’s been all positive.  Anyone who has read it so far has really enjoyed it.

But on a general scale, it’s still not doing as well as much as I would otherwise like.

Many people have been asking me how the sales have been doing for the book, and each time, I give them the gospel truth: It’s been SLOW.  Understandably that’s expected of an indie author, but what I also never fail to mention is that it hasn’t helped that the many people that I already know have hardly helped at all with spreading the word about it.  I can’t help but find that rather disappointing.

Try to understand the position I’m in.  I basically did everything that’s going into any recognition that this book is getting.  I wrote it, I co-edited it, I designed the cover, I filed for its copyright protection, I reformatted it in order for it to be readable on various reading devices, I made it available here and abroad, I wrote the press release for it, and I’m reaching out to blogs and such to check it out.  Really with the exception of my editor, I’m doing everything!  That’s what it means to be an indie author.

I know I’ve talked about it in previous blog posts and I even talked about it in an interview I did last month too, but I really wanted to take the time to really address it, and why I’m always asking for help from those I know.  I can only do so much alone, but I have to be realistic when I saw I’m not a PR team.  I’m only one person who can only reach out to only so many people.  Which is why I’m proposing the very challenge for everyone who’s reading this now:

Right now, my goal is to get a total of 20 reviews for A Moment’s Worth; whether that be posted on its Goodreads page, on one of the platforms its available on, in the form of a blog post like what The Best Slice of Pie did, etc.  So far, there have only been four reviews, and while there’s a blog who’s in preparation of doing a review of it within the coming weeks, I still got a ways to go.  With that, I ask everyone this: If you have already read A Moment’s Worth, I ask that you leave an honest review of it, however and wherever that may be.  Every review helps.  Also, if you post the exact same review on more than one platform, I’m going to count that as one review.

Aside from the demand for reviews, I ask that everyone please help me get the word out about my book.  Blast about it on your social media platforms, bring it up when in a conversations with friends, etc.  I can’t be the only doing so.  As mentioned before, it’s available on multiple platforms: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.  In the case of U.S. readers, Kindle is technically the popular way to go when reading eBooks, and if you don’t have an actual Kindle device, you can download the Kindle app to your laptop, tablet device or smart phone, FOR FREE might I add.

Also, since I haven’t brought this up in a while, I also want to mention that if you want to read something other than my novel, there’s also my short story, The Shadows, that I published back in May that you can check out, but you can only get it through Amazon.

Alright, I know that was a ton of information that I just dropped, but I just want to get more people reading my book.  I worked hard on it and like other authors, I just want for it to go  and play on the playground with the other books available in the world (as cheesy as that sounds).  “Won’t you please, please help me?”

In the mean time, I’ll be back on Saturday with a new post.  Thanks for taking the time read this, and if you haven’t already, I hope you enjoy A Moment’s Worth.



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