The missing one

I don’t always re-blog other people’s posts, but when I do, it’s often with reason. I had mentioned previously how Wong Fu Productions served as an influence for me when writing my book. One of its members, Phil Wang, just posted this incredibly analytical piece about “the missing one” of Wong Fu’s 2012 short film, “The Last.” It’s worth the read so feel free to check it out, along with the short film if you haven’t seen it yet.


True Story

Two years ago today, “The Last” was released. What a coincidence that a few weeks ago, one groggy morning, a new revelation about the short randomly came to me as I laid in bed. In the video, I listed out 5 “loves” that influenced the man… but I missed one.


The truth is, I did consider it as I was finishing the script, but left it out on purpose, thinking that it didn’t fit with the structure and the message. But I was wrong.

Who, What, When, Where, Why I love… those are all reactive. Each of those happened to him. They each existed and he took what he wanted. That is the whole angle of the short. The 5 loves, these 5 women, and who/what/when/where/why they affected me. But “How” is totally different. “How” is the way in which I reciprocate. It’s active. It’s what we do together

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