1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review

You might say that the design of my blog looks a little different now than it did yesterday.  There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, for I did just that.  I figured that after blogging for nearly a year, it would be wise to give my blog a little makeover.

This weekend, more specifically tomorrow, will mark one year since I launched Lola By The Bay, and I cannot help but gawk over how quickly time has passed.  Already I’ve come to conclusion that as you get older, time just goes by a whole lot faster than when you were younger, and I believe that when maintaining a blog that you write in on a weekly basis- and then some- a routine like that seems to move time along even faster.  It may have been a rather odd time to launch a blog right at the end of a year, but it actually works in my favor.  With the fact that this is also the last weekend for 2014, I can also do my first year in review. Continue reading “1 Year of Lola By The Bay/2014 Year in Review”

Korrasami Confirmed

As I have mentioned in the past, I hardly ever reblog other people’s blog posts; but when I do, it’s often because of a very good reason.
If my post about meeting Dante Basco back in the spring didn’t provide enough evidence, then let me just take the time to say that I’m a huge fan of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and its recently concluded spin-off series; “The Legend of Korra.” The creators behind the shows, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, have created an incredible universe with well crafted characters and story arches that a lot of people have been able to connect with over the course of nearly 10 years. Their shows have done an excellent job of representing characters of different races, genders, ideals, etc. And as Mike explains in this post, they even took it a step further by showing the beginnings of a same-sex relationship being formed at the end of the “Legend of Korra” series.
I consider Mike and Bryan to be some of the best storytellers out there today. I too watched the final scene of this series and I too was left with questions regarding what just happened. I knew what it looked like, but I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions without a direct confirmation regarding it otherwise. I’m therefore grateful that Mike wrote this thoughtful piece. I think what they did was very smart and is definitely going to change how children’s television will be done in the future to come.

Mike DiMartino

Now that Korra and Asami’s final moment is out in the world, it seems like an appropriate time to express how I feel about it. I didn’t want to say anything right away so the audience could experience the finale for themselves.

The main themes of the Avatar universe have always revolved around equality, justice, acceptance, tolerance, and balancing differing worldviews. In subtle and maybe not so subtle ways, Avatar and Legend of Korra have dealt with difficult subjects such as genocide, child abuse, deaths of loved ones, and post traumatic stress. I took it as a complement when Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair called the show subversive. There were times even I was surprised we were able to delve into the really tough stuff on a children’s TV network. While the episodes were never designed to “make a statement”, Bryan and I always strove to treat the more difficult…

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A Contemplative Writing Experience

It technically would have made more sense if I had written about this earlier in the year, when it was in the news.  However, I consider now to be just as good to write about it, not only for the mere fact that it’s been occupying my thoughts as of lately, but because it’s something to consider as I look to the new year and as I proceed forward with writing my second novel. Continue reading “A Contemplative Writing Experience”

Thoughts About College From a Recent College Graduate

I had to make some changes to my author bio yesterday.  It’s not unusual to do so from time to time for an author.  Sometimes, they update their bio to include more books that they have written, to include a special award that they have won, and other such similar addition of details as well.  However, in my case, it was to add something that’s normally already set in stone for college-educated authors.  I had to change my status from being a “current student” in university, to a “recent graduate.”  Yes, that’s right.  I may have walked back in June, but as of two days ago, I have officially completed all the necessary requirements to complete my undergrad education. Continue reading “Thoughts About College From a Recent College Graduate”

UPDATE: It’s called “Lost Boys”!

This is another one of those cases where I wasn’t planning to write today.  However, after making a particular discovery a few minutes ago, I felt the need to share it.

About two weeks ago, I provided commentary on my recently released short story, “The Waiting Game,” and in the commentary, I talked about how one of the inspirations for it was a song by Lorde that was never released on her debut album.  For a while, from the bit that could be heard in the video clip, many fans would simply called the track “Hospital.”  Well, recently she released a sound bite from the same song on her blog, as well as revealing the name.  It’s called “Lost Boys.”  According to Lorde, she had recorded it during a session in March 2013 but then completely forgot about it until she was going through her archives recently.

I got super excited as soon as I heard it, which is why I felt the need to do a quick write-up on it.  If you want to hear the sound clip, you can click here to go check it out.

Thank you and I’ll be back on Saturday for my regular weekly blog post.


How Storytelling Will Lead to Change

While I was re-reading “Mockingjay” last month, I came across a quote that I hadn’t noticed the first time.  It really struck out to me.  It said: “Outbursts are short.  It’s stories that take time.”  I found that quote to be incredibly powerful and had a noticeable amount of truth behind it.

The quote resonates well with not only “Mockingjay,” but also with what’s been happening in the news as of lately.  As we all know, our justice system is proving itself to be completely screwed (let’s just say it as it is).  On November 24th, it was announced that former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for shooting and killing unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.  Then, earlier this week, we find out that New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner back in July with a choke hold (a move banned by the NYPD) will also not be indicted for his very illegal actions.  In both cases, it was a white cop that had killed an unarmed black man. Continue reading “How Storytelling Will Lead to Change”