Thoughts About Translation

As I may have mentioned in the past, I am a lover of different languages, despite my inability to pick up on speaking any properly.  I think a lot about this, not only in the context as a writer myself, but also regarding the books that I read (in particular, the numerous Haruki Murakami novels I’ve read within the last year).  I read Japanese novels in their English translation, and yet I wonder and ponder about that in-between state from translating the context from one language to another.

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About the Journals

It’s time I mention the avenue of writing that I’ve otherwise hardly touched upon in the past: the avenue of writing in a journal.

I think that we may have all- at least- attempted to keep a journal at least once in our lives.  I think we’ve all been exposed to the idea of being able to hash out all that’s on our minds into a safe space where we can’t be judged and be allowed to let us be.  But then I think of how people come to realize how exhausting of a task that might be, especially if they’re either a. not adamant writers and/or b. don’t feel comfortable with being genuinely honest with themselves at least once a day.  I think it’s with those possibilities in mind that the art of journal writing has become a dying art in today’s age- especially with all the technology we have that supposedly makes up for the otherwise therapeutic needs we have. Continue reading “About the Journals”

Reflection: 6 Months (+2 Days) Since the Release of “A Moment’s Worth”

I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  I can’t believe it’s been six months since the release of my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.  As I gaze upon every single one of the pages where it can be purchased, I think of how much time has passed since that faithful summer day.  It feels like a long time ago, but at the same time, it doesn’t.

Since the day of its release, not a whole lot has changed in my life.  I’m nowhere near famous, so I’m not being stalked or anything creepy of that capacity.  I can still go out and about and no one will do the double take in my direction- and in many ways, that’s a relief.  I can still be normal.  But, as recapped on several times before on my blog, the continual marketing for the book remains to be a challenge. Continue reading “Reflection: 6 Months (+2 Days) Since the Release of “A Moment’s Worth””

How To Write Diversity

I know, I know, it’s not Saturday yet, but bear with me for a sec.

I felt that this blog post by B.D. Hesse came at a very appropriate time, especially after the Academy Award nominations were announced this morning and in the aftermath of the Golden Globes back on Sunday. It’s true that we can only understand about another individual’s experiences to a certain degree, but the reality of the matter is that we will never know what it’s like to be in their shoes. As obvious of advice it may seem, I think it’s necessary to learn, for it is a skill set writers and other storytellers need to learn to hone in the future to come.



Diversity is a difficult thing to write about. One of the biggest problems with writing diversity is we only have one set of experiences. We can hear and learn about other peoples’ experiences, but we can’t live them. We can’t really know what those experiences are like. There is also the issue of what is okay and what isn’t. We may want to add gender, sexuality, racial, etc. diversity into our stories, but it is very intimidating to add that diversity when you aren’t a member of a certain group. So how do we add diversity to our stories?

There are a number of ways to add diversity without having lived the experiences and without being offensive. The best way to do so is to talk about people within the group. If you’re a white woman and you want a black man as a character in your story, talk to…

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Special Tuesday Post: loudlysilent’s “Varsity On Top” Starts Today!

It’s my first off-schedule blog post for the year, and for a good reason.  I figured I take the time to announce the project of a good friend of mine.

There have been times in the past where I would bring up my friend and fellow blogger, loudlysilent.  Well as of today, he is going beyond the path of blog posts and is taking on a grand endeavor into the fiction world.  Starting today, he will release one chapter every Tuesday of his new YA novella, “Varsity On Top.”  Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: loudlysilent’s “Varsity On Top” Starts Today!”

The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached

Pretty much since the day I finished college last month, many people have been asking me how it feels to no longer be in college.  For a while now, I didn’t really have an answer, seeing that I knew my (now) alma mater was on Winter Break for the past three weeks, so no one was in school then.  But now that’s no longer the case.  A new quarter started back up there this past week, and I can now confirm that it felt awfully strange not being there for classes.

I guess you can say that this past week marked Phase 1 of my transition to my post-undergrad life.  It was my first time not having to go to school in nearly 20 years.  While relatively chill, I did get to experience the freedoms I’ve otherwise tasted only so little of before.  This was especially accommodating towards my life as a writer.  I guess you can say- primarily this week anyway- that I was acting as a full-time writer. Continue reading “The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached”

8 Questions for Gretchen Carvajal

It’s a new day of a new year and to start things off for 2015, I figured I have a voice featured today of someone other than my own.  It’s been a while since I last released an interview on here, so I thought it would be nice to do that again.  As to the person who’s featured this time around, that honor goes to an incredible spoken word artist whom I’ve known since high school: Gretchen Carvajal.

Gretchen is more than just a fellow writer; she is someone whom I’ve always known for never hiding her voice, however that may be.  She expresses her art and her stories through the means of being a writer, artist, emcee, and performer.  She was born in the Philippines before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was very young.  She is currently a student in the First Wave program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She has partaken in many spoken word competitions over the years- including the national youth competition, Brave New Voices, when she was 17- and was recently a participant in The Ill List; the signature poetry slam invitational in Modesto, California.  She already has a chapbook under her belt called Daughter of the Sun and plans to write more books in the future to come.  To learn more about her, be sure to check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
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