The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached

Pretty much since the day I finished college last month, many people have been asking me how it feels to no longer be in college.  For a while now, I didn’t really have an answer, seeing that I knew my (now) alma mater was on Winter Break for the past three weeks, so no one was in school then.  But now that’s no longer the case.  A new quarter started back up there this past week, and I can now confirm that it felt awfully strange not being there for classes.

I guess you can say that this past week marked Phase 1 of my transition to my post-undergrad life.  It was my first time not having to go to school in nearly 20 years.  While relatively chill, I did get to experience the freedoms I’ve otherwise tasted only so little of before.  This was especially accommodating towards my life as a writer.  I guess you can say- primarily this week anyway- that I was acting as a full-time writer. Continue reading “The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached”