The Strings: Attached, Unattached and Yet-To-Be Attached

Pretty much since the day I finished college last month, many people have been asking me how it feels to no longer be in college.  For a while now, I didn’t really have an answer, seeing that I knew my (now) alma mater was on Winter Break for the past three weeks, so no one was in school then.  But now that’s no longer the case.  A new quarter started back up there this past week, and I can now confirm that it felt awfully strange not being there for classes.

I guess you can say that this past week marked Phase 1 of my transition to my post-undergrad life.  It was my first time not having to go to school in nearly 20 years.  While relatively chill, I did get to experience the freedoms I’ve otherwise tasted only so little of before.  This was especially accommodating towards my life as a writer.  I guess you can say- primarily this week anyway- that I was acting as a full-time writer.

I was able to get tasks done in the field of writing that I normally would have to squeeze in time for in between classes.  In which case, this included working on my second novel, doing a small outside writing project, and planning out other smaller-scale writing projects as well.  I’ve even found time to read more than I normally would, which definitely beats being forced to read textbooks for a class any day.  I’ve also enrolled myself in a couple of online classes through Coursera that will start to take place within the next few months, and I’ve started taking a few online classes on other websites as well.  I don’t make New Year resolutions, but as far as the general goal of writing more goes, so far I’d say it’s off to a good start for the year we’re in now.

I’ll confess that the lack of routine is throwing me off though.  For the first time in recent memory, I’ve never had this much time on my hands.  I guess the last time I had this much time was when I was a toddler, but even then, the time wasn’t entirely mine to spend when my parents would keep me in check on my day-to-day activities.  Fortunately I’m starting somewhere at the beginning of the upcoming week, so at least a routine of some sort will be established soon enough.

Above all else, this is the first time where I can think clearly as to how I want to proceed forward with my life as a writer without struggling to make time for it.  That’s not to say that my job will pose similar challenges otherwise, but it’s not nearly as bad as school where it comes with homework.  Of course there’s grad school to look to eventually, but at least I know that it will be accommodating me in my future endeavors; perhaps even more so than my undergrad education did.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, as a writer, you create your own homework.

I can’t say I have no strings attached.  It’s just that there are certain strings that have been unattached (for the time being anyway) and replaced with different strings instead.  And then there are the strings that I have yet to be attached to.

A Moment’s Worth is now available through the following venues: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunesPlease leave a review if you can, for my goal is to get a total of at least 20 reviews on all venues (so far, I’ve gotten 5 reviews so I’m already a quarter of a way to my goal).

Check out its Goodreads page, which includes two trivia quizzes for all who’ve completed reading it already.

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