Special Tuesday Post: loudlysilent’s “Varsity On Top” Starts Today!

It’s my first off-schedule blog post for the year, and for a good reason.  I figured I take the time to announce the project of a good friend of mine.

There have been times in the past where I would bring up my friend and fellow blogger, loudlysilent.  Well as of today, he is going beyond the path of blog posts and is taking on a grand endeavor into the fiction world.  Starting today, he will release one chapter every Tuesday of his new YA novella, “Varsity On Top.” 

In short, “Varsity On Top” is about sex, secrets, and about the most popular person in high school.  On a longer note, it follows the makeshift universe of Dean (star athlete/most popular person in high school/secret keeper), his girlfriend Rache (head cheerleader who doesn’t know any of his secrets), and Samantha (the girl who’s hooking up with Dean and does know about his secrets).

I haven’t read “Varsity On Top,” so I’m just as new to it as any potential reader out there.  But knowing loudlysilent though, something tells me that this novella is likely to get very interesting indeed.  Also, just to clarify, it’s not an eBook.  All the chapters will be made available for free by checking out the “Varsity On Top” tumblr page here.

This is all for the sake of supporting a friend with his novella.  loudlysilent was incredibly supportive to me when A Moment’s Worth came out last summer, so I found it wise to return the favor for his literary project.

If you’re interested in reading “Varsity On Top,” again, go check out the link above.  Be sure to also follow it on Twitter and Facebook too.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back on Saturday with my regularly scheduled blog post.


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