Forever 22

About a year ago, I was pondering over what was yet to come for me as I was on the verge of turning 22.  Now, once again, I’m in that same position, although of course there’s a one digit difference.  I am now two days away from turning 23.

Growing up, you’re told by adults how time flies as you get older, and you never really believe it.  It’s not until you actually do get older and actually experience it for yourself.  For that matter, in the case of motioning from one birthday to another, I can’t believe it went by so fast.

I remember at this time a year ago, I made it bluntly aware of how unfulfilled I felt in my life, despite all that I had going on, on my plate at the time.  Well, I can assure myself now that this past year of being 22 has certainly made up for that feeling of lacking.

photo by Lauren Lola
photo by Lauren Lola

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