Writing About the Future (Second Novel Status Report #1)

At the time I established this blog, I guess you can say that it was at good timing.  I was already in the editing stage for A Moment’s Worth and I found myself talking about various concepts related to the novel, leading up to its release.  For my second novel though, I find myself blogging not during a sliver of its making, but rather the whole way through; and with that, I’ve been wondering for a while as to when would be the wisest time to say anything about it.  It’s been three months since I started writing my second novel, and with that, I decided to go ahead and say something in particular about it.

I’ve been vague on details to many people regarding what it’s about conceptually.  What I have been explicit about though is the fact that my second novel takes place in the future. Continue reading “Writing About the Future (Second Novel Status Report #1)”


Special Thursday Post: 10 Years Since the Return of the Doctor

Originally I wasn’t planning to write anything about this TV show, despite the anniversary it’s celebrating today.  But after thinking it over, I realized just how wrong it would be to not write at least something about it.  I continue my series of analyses of storytelling in mediums beyond the forum of books, and while it’s been a mere five days since I did my previous entry in honor of the ending of “Glee,” today I wanted to touch briefly upon the phenomenal sci-fi series from BBC that’s celebrating a decade since its return to the airwaves.  The show that I’m talking about, of course, is “Doctor Who.”

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My Personal Reminiscence of the Game-Changing Storytelling of “Glee”

As of last month, I decided to open my blog up more to the exploration behind storytelling of different mediums other than books. From television to movies, there are just so many of them out there that are changing the game in a lot of ways regarding how certain stories are told, and to not talk about some of them here on this blog, I find to be a little odd, especially given my circumstances as someone who studied media in college. Previously I discussed my thoughts about “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” in honor of its 10th anniversary. Now, the morning following its series finale, I want to dwell in on a television show that I’ve not only had a love-hate relationship with, but that has also drastically changed the television landscape in more ways than one in its six years on the air. This is my two cents on the newly concluded FOX series, “Glee.”

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Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner

I’m the oldest of three, and if there was one thing my mom was looking forward to at the time she had me was the day I’d be able to talk and be able to express my thoughts out loud.  Unfortunately that day would come a lot later than normally expected when, as a toddler, I was discovered to have a case of speech and language delay.  What I mean by a language delay is that I did not develop language abilities at the proper age.  A speech delay resulted in part by the language delay, for while I sounded like I was saying words, on an oral/dictation level, I was not.  It was with that that I was made sure I received the proper therapy needed to correct my delays.

I went to a special ed preschool where it helped in correcting my language delay and catching me up to speed at where I should be, communication-wise.  During elementary school, I saw a speech therapist once every other week for four years to improve my speech.  Thanks to both of those forms of aid, by the time I was ready to enter junior high school, I could talk and communicate properly for someone my age. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner”

Special Sunday Post: Book Tag- Would you rather?

As I’ve stressed time after time again, in order to write, you must read.  I already maintain that in my own time when not writing and it’s not only a mental exercise for me, but also a pleasure and an adamant hobby of mine.  Not that long ago, Lizzy of My Little Book Blog posted a “would you rather” scenario regarding what books one would read and occupations one would pursue in relation to books.  I know I rarely to personality-esque quizzes like this on here, but this looked interesting to do and I decided to do it on my own blog.  Check out my take on it and feel free to to do it yourself on your blog.

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As a Keeper of Quote Books and Lover of Quotes

If there’s one thing one of my professors from my freshman year of college were able to figure out about me is that I “am in love with words” (as she had bluntly told me).  Although this was during a moment of advising me to condense the level of detail I put into my outlines for my public speaking class I was taking at the time, in a way, I guess she makes a point.  I am a lover of words, even beyond the obvious factor of my occupation as an author and blogger.  Already I’ve previously talked about my ever-growing collection of journals I’ve maintained for the past 13 years.  However, within the past four years, I have another collection of blank books going on.  They’re smaller in size, and therefore tend to be filled out a lot quicker than my journals.  While they contain my handwriting, the words are not my own, but rather the thought nuggets of others.  For the past four years, I’ve been maintaining a growing collection of quote books. Continue reading “As a Keeper of Quote Books and Lover of Quotes”