As a Keeper of Quote Books and Lover of Quotes

If there’s one thing one of my professors from my freshman year of college were able to figure out about me is that I “am in love with words” (as she had bluntly told me).  Although this was during a moment of advising me to condense the level of detail I put into my outlines for my public speaking class I was taking at the time, in a way, I guess she makes a point.  I am a lover of words, even beyond the obvious factor of my occupation as an author and blogger.  Already I’ve previously talked about my ever-growing collection of journals I’ve maintained for the past 13 years.  However, within the past four years, I have another collection of blank books going on.  They’re smaller in size, and therefore tend to be filled out a lot quicker than my journals.  While they contain my handwriting, the words are not my own, but rather the thought nuggets of others.  For the past four years, I’ve been maintaining a growing collection of quote books.

My memory of how my quote book collection got started is, for some reason, a lot foggier than when I started my journal collection, even though the initiative to start both collections were nothing short of what would eventually become a journey of expansion.  I guess from what I can recall is one random day in 2011, while at a local Daiso store, I came across a cute little blank book.  It was white with the face of a panda on it.  Seeing that it was way too small to ever be a substantiating journal, I decided to have it serve as a quote book.  Already prior to purchasing it, I’ve always had a love of quotes.  I just hadn’t been as adamant about hunting for them at the time.

Even after the purchase of what is now the first quote book, I still didn’t adapt to the quote-hunting mojo until a year later.  For some reason then, despite my previous admiration and respect for such quotes, I had finally found the will to look and listen for quotes whenever I can.  That is why I can say that I’m currently about 75% through my fifth quote book.

Already I surprise people when I tell them about my journal collection.  However, I seem to get even more of surprised response when I tell people I keep a quote book collection.  If anything, I would say that keeping a journal is more of a common occurrence than keeping a quote book, let alone a collection of them for that matter.  But nonetheless I do it anyway; for the sake of reading voices other than my own, for a quick pick-me-up on a different kind of insight to a certain subject matter, and for the sake of reading wisdom that have been written or spoken in really beautiful, eloquent ways.

Lines and passages from a wide variety of texts adorn the previously blank pages of these little books; from passages from a book, to a line spoken in a movie or TV show, from a line from a poem or song, to something I see show up in my newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter.  The variety of people who’ve written or spoken these quotes are also just as numerous; whether it be someone I personally know or someone who I maybe have never heard of, and whether it be someone who is breathing now or breathing back in a different time.  If there are a number of quotes that I find in a book, I’ll devote a whole section to those quotes and include the character who spoke them as well as the page number.  If I hear it spoken orally somewhere or see it written somewhere, I’ll either jot it down or take a picture of it with my phone and insert it in my quote book later.  I’m always listening and reading actively, for you never know whose thought nuggets you’ll encounter.

One can say, express and deliver so much in something as long as a speech, a book, a movie, etc.  However, it’s those key lines- those key words- those thought nuggets that will pop  the most and be the most memorable.  It’s amazing how much wisdom can be contained in something as short as a sentence or two.

I think about quotes such as the ones I graciously admire even more so as an author now.  When editing A Moment‘s Worth, that was something that would always be at the back of my mind: What lines would be most appealing and eye-popping to the reader?  Would they ever write this down and share it on social media with my name attached to it?  Would they ever want to get this line about such-and-such tattooed somewhere on their body (kind of weird, I know, but there are people who do that)?  I must say that after coming across people who have quoted me on their blogs or social media, with my name and the book’s title tailing after it, it feels pretty good to see that.

I am a lover of words, and so it’s only natural that I am a lover of quotes.  It’s just as natural as me being a writer.  I just wish there were more people like that.  They don’t have to have ambitions to write the next classic American novel or something like that.  I just wish there were more people who could look at something as short of a few sentences, and consider the possible value and wisdom directed in it.

A Moment’s Worth is now available through the following venues: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunesPlease leave a review if you can, for my goal is to get a total of at least 20 reviews on all venues (so far, I’ve gotten 5 reviews so I’m already a quarter of a way to my goal).

Check out its Goodreads page, which includes two trivia quizzes for all who’ve completed reading it already.

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