Special Sunday Post: Book Tag- Would you rather?

As I’ve stressed time after time again, in order to write, you must read.  I already maintain that in my own time when not writing and it’s not only a mental exercise for me, but also a pleasure and an adamant hobby of mine.  Not that long ago, Lizzy of My Little Book Blog posted a “would you rather” scenario regarding what books one would read and occupations one would pursue in relation to books.  I know I rarely to personality-esque quizzes like this on here, but this looked interesting to do and I decided to do it on my own blog.  Check out my take on it and feel free to to do it yourself on your blog.


Read only trilogies or stand alones?

It depends on how the book(s) is/are written I suppose.  However, I have a tendency to be more lenient towards stand alones.

Read only female or male authors?

At the end of the day, I don’t care if the author is male, female, straight, gay, white, black, Asian, etc.  As long as they’re a good storyteller and can write well, then that’s all the matters.  What I have noticed though is that I’ve mainly been reading books lately that have been written by males, and as an author, pretty much all my influences are men.  I’m not sure what that says about me.

Shop at Waterstones or Amazon?

Amazon.  Waterstones is a book store in London, England, and therefore, I’m not that familiar with it, being from the U.S. and all.

All books become movies or television shows?

Again, it depends on how the book was written.  I know for a fact that if anyone were to ask me if they can adapt A Moment’s Worth for film, I would give them a flat out “no.”  Although I think as a television show- or maybe even better, as a webseries– would work a lot better with the way I have it structured.  I think the more straight forward a story is, the better a movie it will make.  The more detail-oriented it is, the better it is as a series.  And I’ll leave it as that.

Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Both tasks are pretty much impossible.  What book worm would read only five pages a day?  But since I’m being asked, I guess I’ll go with that option.  Five books per week is just insane.

Be a professional reviewer or author?

Well, I’m already a professional author, so I would obviously go with that.  Though I have to say, while not at a professional level, I also do reviews on the side.

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

There are just so many books out there that I haven’t read yet, that I would feel too limited if I just stuck with my top 20.  I would go with the latter.

Be a librarian or book seller?

Probably a librarian.  I feel that as a librarian, you have a much more deeper connection with the books you’re in charge of.  You know which ones to recommend and which ones to stay away from.  I feel that a bookseller doesn’t have the same connection when they have new books coming their way all the time.

Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

I don’t really have a favorite genre.  I’m down for any story of any genre, so long as it moves me.

Only read physical books or eBooks?

Physical books.  I swear, it took me FOREVER to get around to using Kindle, because I have such a dear love for the physical form.  While I consider the usefulness and convenience of eBook readers, I’ll always have a love for the physical books.  The stories that they hold within them feel more alive in that way.

A Moment’s Worth is now available through the following venues: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunesPlease leave a review if you can, for my goal is to get a total of at least 20 reviews on all venues (so far, I’ve gotten 5 reviews so I’m already a quarter of a way to my goal).

Check out its Goodreads page, which includes two trivia quizzes for all who’ve completed reading it already.



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