Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner

I’m the oldest of three, and if there was one thing my mom was looking forward to at the time she had me was the day I’d be able to talk and be able to express my thoughts out loud.  Unfortunately that day would come a lot later than normally expected when, as a toddler, I was discovered to have a case of speech and language delay.  What I mean by a language delay is that I did not develop language abilities at the proper age.  A speech delay resulted in part by the language delay, for while I sounded like I was saying words, on an oral/dictation level, I was not.  It was with that that I was made sure I received the proper therapy needed to correct my delays.

I went to a special ed preschool where it helped in correcting my language delay and catching me up to speed at where I should be, communication-wise.  During elementary school, I saw a speech therapist once every other week for four years to improve my speech.  Thanks to both of those forms of aid, by the time I was ready to enter junior high school, I could talk and communicate properly for someone my age. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being a Visual Learner”