Acting in Writing

Last year, when loudlysilent sent me questions my way for me to answer on my blog, one of the topics he had me touch upon was my involvement in theatre.  All of what I’ve said in that interview is true.  It’s true that it spurred out of oblivion as a ten-year-old and turned into a backdrop interest of my life.  I did act in a few plays growing up and what not acting, I would still be involved in theatre productions in any way I could.  This was what eventually led to my decision to obtain a minor in the field in college as well.

To have this minor- as well as my subtle experience in the field- has actually become very handy for me.  Not only has theatre- along with the wide range of classes I took as a Communication major- helped me become a better public speaker, but to have been involved in theatre has also helped me as a writer as well- especially when it comes down to the acting classes I have taken. Continue reading “Acting in Writing”