Journey Alone

As one can likely imagine, to write a book is a solo effort.  Unless if you’re part of the rare exceptions where you’re co-writing a project with someone, you’re pretty much the master mind behind it all; in creating the characters, the settings, the plot, and what not.  It’s very fulfilling, for you don’t have to give in to anyone else’s input other than your own.  As modest as you may be, at the end of the day, you are the god of your own little world.

Writing A Moment’s Worth was a challenge for sure.  There’s no denying it.  However, I think the only challenge that was adamantly present was as to whether or not I could write something at the length of a novel.  As far as being on my own and writing solo goes, that was never an issue for me.  If anything, writing the novel- or just writing in general- for me is the extension of my journey alone. Continue reading “Journey Alone”


The Lenses of Optimism: About “Tomorrowland”

Storytelling isn’t just devoted to the limitations of words found in a book; it also extends out to television and movies too.  These past few months, I’ve been opening up my blog more to periodically exploring storytelling in these other mediums.  Officially, the last post devoted under this topic was my write-up I did on “Doctor Who,” in honor of its 10th anniversary since returning to television.  Unofficially, I devoted part of a blog post I did earlier this month to such subject matter when I discussed exploring my heritage through storytelling.  Now I present to you my first post devoted to a movie; that movie being the recently released film to come out of Walt Disney Studios, “Tomorrowland.”

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Thoughts About New Adult Fiction

(I think this is definitely a first, where I purposely retract something I previously said on my blog.  However, in my mind, I consider that to be quite alright and normal, for that just shows I’m growing and evolving as a person and a thinker.)

About a year ago, I made my argument regarding how reading too much young adult fiction post-adolescence can be worrisome, in response to an article author John Green had written for the Cosmopolitan.  Ultimately, it led to me saying that my first novel, A Moment’s Worth, would considerably be a young adult novel despite it all, even though none of the characters are within range of being in high school, let alone the themes and subject matter as well.  Not to mention that since I had said that the youngest appropriate age to read my book would be 16- an opinion I still stick by to this day- it’s since bothered me why I called my novel YA in the first place.

It’s with that that I’d like to take this time and retract that statement, which also brings me to my subject for this week’s post.  While A Moment’s Worth may infuse contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction into one cohesive piece, age range-wise, I do not consider it to be a young adult novel.  If anything, I would consider A Moment’s Worth to be a new adult novel. Continue reading “Thoughts About New Adult Fiction”

Short on writing inspiration? A different angle may help

So check it out everyone! I am today’s featured writer of the blog, What Inspires Your Writing? Here I touch briefly upon how looking at something from a new angle can often lead to inspiration for my writing. Many thanks to Tim for featuring me and be sure to check out his site for more awesome content similar to this!

What Inspires Your Writing?

Lauren Lola doesn’t ask for much?just that you not judge her by her size, because she’s “a little on the short side.” But what she’s not short on is talent?writing talent, in particular. A self-described lover of words, Lauren is an avid reader and has kept a journal for the past thirteen years. But it doesn’t stop there. This young writer has already penned her first novel, A Moment’s Worth, which you would do well to check out on Amazon. To round out her artistic side, she has a minor in stage acting (which she says has influenced her writing), and has recently taken an interest in songwriting.

And what about photography?

The picture she took here is phenomenal. In fact, she may just have a career in photography waiting for her?in between books, of course.

Lauren has some words of wisdom for us, but first, check out her…

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Writing in Cafes

Back over the winter, when I met with a friend of mine who was visiting from LA, I remember him saying something that has stuck with me since then.  It didn’t have an overly deep meaning in it or anything like that.  If anything, it was very casual; both in delivery and context.  He said that he wanted to write something in a cafe; he didn’t know what specifically, he just knew that he wanted to write something, within the setting of brewing coffee and free Wifi.  I forgot what we were discussing that led to him saying that.  Perhaps it was our meeting space within the environment of a Philz Coffee cafe that got to us, or perhaps it was his curiosity over A Moment’s Worth in which had been out in the world for a little over five months then. Continue reading “Writing in Cafes”

Special Tuesday Post: A Little Something For Flash Fiction Wednesday

So last month, fellow blogger loudlysilent started something pretty cool for all and any writers out there.  It’s called Flash Fiction Wednesday.  On the first Wednesday of every month, writers are encouraged to post their own flash fiction- a style of fiction of about 1,000 words or less- online about anything at all.  It’s a good way of exercising the creative membrane by making up a brief but riveting story. Continue reading “Special Tuesday Post: A Little Something For Flash Fiction Wednesday”

Exploring Heritage Through Stories

It’s May now, which means it is now Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; a month devoted to acknowledge and honor the people, culture, and history of such backgrounds. Programs and celebrations are scheduled to take place and stories shall be exchanged. There’s a certain empowering tone that comes with a month that acknowledges the heritage of people who are just starting to be heard and represented a little better by the mainstream media; whether that be in the form of books, movies or television. In my case scenario, this month serves as a time for me to take a look at my role in it all; not only as amongst the growing number of Asian American female authors out there, but also in terms of looking through the lenses of being Hapa (an individual of part Asian descent).

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