Special Wednesday Post: Happy One-Year Anniversary to “The Shadows”!

With the summer on the horizon now, naturally, some special anniversaries are coming up.  While A Moment’s Worth won’t be celebrating its first anniversary until July, today marks one as well.  Today marks the first anniversary since the publication of my short story, “The Shadows.”

The release of “The Shadows” served as sort of a soft launch for me as an author, for I released it exclusively on Amazon about a month and a half prior to A Moment’s Worth.  For those who don’t know, it follows a council of Sun Spirits (shadows) who observe on humanity and meet at the end of each day at sunset and discuss our progress as a race.  However, when the Chieftain threatens eternal darkness on everyone on earth, the council must find a way to talk him out of such a drastic action as that.

It’s a fantasy short story that evidently takes place in modern day that ultimately has no ties to A Moment’s Worth aside from the mention of a relatively minor character (I wonder if anyone who has read both works has figured out who that could be yet).  “The Shadows” was my way of showing what I’ve got as a writer in advance of the novel’s release, and I’m absolutely thrilled to actually say that it’s been published for a whole year now.  Time sure does fly!

If you have been one of the ones who have read it, thank you so much for doing so and I hope you have enjoyed it.  If you haven’t read it yet, please do go check it out on Amazon and please consider downloading it.  If possible, I’d love a few more reviews on it as well.

Thanks again and I’ll be back on Saturday for my regularly scheduled blog post.



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