Thoughts About Celebrity Memoirs

Memoirs are, what I find to be, valuable works of nonfiction.  While a biography about someone can only do so much, the memoir can be just as riveting and authentic, for it’s one’s life story being told from their point of view.  When I personally think of memoirs, one person that comes to mind that made an effective splash as a memoirist is Maya Angelou.  She was able to convey her life’s experiences in a thought-provoking, mindful kind of way, and she was a voice that definitely needed to be heard; having grown up in the Jim Crow South and what not.  Nowadays when people think of memoirs, one may just as well be likely to think of the crazy number of celebrity memoirs that have been going on for a really long time.

This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a while.  However, after reading an article last month about how celebrity YouTubers are getting it on in the publishing gig too, that’s when I knew that it was definitely time to dwell in on this topic. Continue reading “Thoughts About Celebrity Memoirs”