My New Novel, United States of Japan, Is Publishing from Angry Robot Books

Along with yesterday marking a year since the release of “A Moment’s Worth,” I along with many others found out about some amazing news. A buddy of mine, Peter Tieryas (author of “Bald New World”), announced his forthcoming novel, “United States of Japan.” This is his second novel overall and first one through his dream publisher, Angry Robot Books. Just from the little bit he’s said about the synopsis alone, I can already tell that this will make for a very intriguing read when it comes out next spring. Plus, the art work for it looks awesome!

Needless to say, I am happy for Peter. I remember when I first learned of him through his unique short story collection, “Watering Heaven.” Since then, he’s been making waves as a wordsmith and I’m so amazed to play witness to it all.

So congratulations on “United States of Japan” Peter! I look forward to reading it!

The Whimsy of Creation: The Blog of Tieryas


Dream agent, dream editor, and dream publisher, I’m so proud to finally be able to announce United States of Japan is coming out from Angry Robot Books. It’s a spiritual sequel to Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, and it explores many of the tragedies that took place in Asia during WWII. It has been a haunting two-year journey writing and researching this, and it gives me so much joy that it’s coming out with such an amazing publisher. Big big thanks to artist extraordinaire John Liberto for this teaser poster of USJ that in many ways embodies the spirit of USJ. Below is the link to the North American distributor:

It’s been an amazing process as we get everything in line. It’s been very difficult not shouting out about the new deal as we awaited official announcement. But once I got the final okay…

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