In the Scheme of Full Circles: When “A Moment’s Worth” Meets “The Land of Stories”

In A Moment’s Worth (spoilers up ahead for those who haven’t read it yet), there is a chapter where a couple decides to end their relationship by meeting up at the very cafe they originally first met at five years prior. The reason being is their shared belief and admiration for full circles; about how they’re always at a constant loop, even if in different forms.

That was something that was going through my mind yesterday evening. I always find it funny when one of the themes that I addressed in my debut novel somehow seeps out into my real life, and the occasions have been rare. When life imitates art, it can be dauntingly reassuring that what a creator creates can become real.

As mentioned before, three days ago marked one year since the release of A Moment’s Worth. Along with lots to celebrate this past year, I’ve also evidently encountered many hurdles. I’ve had trouble getting people to check it out. In particular, I’ve had trouble getting people I know to read it. The struggle has been real and I’ve obviously been angry over it. However, yesterday was different when- as mentioned on Wednesday- I gave access to my novel to someone in particular. And that particular someone was Chris Colfer.

For nearly two weeks already, Chris has been on a book tour for the fourth novel of his- as of recently- New York Times Bestselling series, The Land of Stories; a fantasy series that follows a pair of twins from our world on their adventures in the world of fairytales. As per usual when it comes to his signings, swarms of people would attend them, sharing relatively brief words of exchange with him and sometimes leaving an impression on him by giving him a cool gift or dressing up as one of the characters.

Like many others, I know Chris as the actor of Kurt Hummel from the TV show “Glee.” However, the summer I first got into the show, I couldn’t help but notice something different about him; not the character, but the actor. I remember looking up his name on IMDB to learn more about him and found out through there that he actually served as the editor for his high school’s literary magazine. Being fresh out of high school at the time- and therefore fresh off of serving on the editorial staff of the literary magazine my high school used to have- I was awestruck by this, for I didn’t expect to have such a commonality with a celebrity before. It’s with that that I wondered if anything would come out of that as far as writing goes. By the end of that year, his first film- which he wrote- “Struck By Lightning” was announced to be in pre-production.

Another six months passed and then the book deal was announced. Originally approached to do an autobiography, Chris had offered up the idea of this fantasy series instead; an idea that he has had with him since he was a little kid. Little did he know then that they would go on to become as successful as they did- and he was only 22 when the first novel came out.

Does that last part sound familiar? Well this is where things start to get a little interesting. The first book signing of his I went to was three years ago at a bookstore in Petaluma (a town north of San Francisco). I was nervous/excited to meet him, for he is one of very few people from the entertainment world that I could really relate to. At the same time, I couldn’t help but have the lingering guilt over the fact that he had actually written a book as early in life as he did, and being two years younger than him and struggling through a creative block at the time, I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to step up my game as far as getting my lifelong aspiration of becoming a writer goes. As fate would have it, the concept for A Moment’s Worth came about a few months later.

I saw Chris a second time for the second book in the series a year later, in the midst of writing A Moment’s Worth. While I didn’t tell him that I was working on a book of my own, it felt good to meet with him, knowing that we were somewhat on a similar wavelength (or at least I was approaching to be anyway). I was in the midst of seeing what he goes through as a writer.

Finally, last year happened. Exactly one week after the release of the third Land of Stories novel, A Moment’s Worth was released, when I was also 22. Knowing that I wound up releasing my first novel at the same age as when he released his was a definite happy accident. I had every intent to give him access to it, but was unfortunately unable to do so at the time, for the Bay Area was not a stop on last year’s tour. That’s why when the announcement was made that it would be this year for the fourth book, I leaped at the opportunity.

A full circle came through yesterday as I stood in line outside of the very bookstore I met him at the first time three years prior. The book that wasn’t even an idea when I first met with him was in my hands (or at least an access code to it and an autographed printout of the cover art, given the fact that A Moment’s Worth is only available electronically). What made things even more interesting was aside from it being two days after the one-year anniversary of the release of my book, it was also three years since the first Land of Stories book came out. About 500 people stood in line yesterday to see him, which made the experience all the more psychologically adrenaline-inducing, for it left you with the impression that you were about to meet someone really special (and in many ways, it’s true).

When the time came and I came up to Chris for the third time in my life, the curtain was pulled away as it was revealed that one of his own fans has become an author in the past year as I handed him the gift. While I will not provide a direct transcript of what was exchanged between us, needless to say he was surprised and excited to see that I was giving him access to my own book. He congratulated me on this achievement and thanked me for giving it to him.

So now I can officially say that one of my favorite authors now owns a download of A Moment’s Worth. That’s more than I can say than a lot of people that I personally know.

I have to say though that I wish I could have a full on conversation with him; about books, writing, storytelling, inspiration and so on. Despite our books being very different, I highly believe that as authors of the millennial generation, we’d be able to find a lot of common ground.

I’ve been very low key about how Chris has had an impact on my life. While I’ve been wanting to become a writer long before I have ever heard of him, seeing him publish his first novel when he did is what prompted me to step up my game and start on my own journey as a writer. As a human being, I really like him, and he has given me a gift by letting me read his stories. Yesterday when I handed over the access code and the signed cover art, that was my way of returning the favor, as a full circle has made its ongoing round… and that has made all the difference.

A Moment’s Worth is now available through the following venues: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes. Please leave a review if you can, for my goal is to get a total of at least 20 reviews on all venues (so far, I’ve gotten 7 reviews so I’m already past a quarter of a way to my goal). Remember that it’s available on Amazon for $1.99 until next Wednesday, so get it for it’s cheaper price while you can.

Check out its Goodreads page, which includes two trivia quizzes for all who’ve completed reading it already.



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