Special Sunday Post: To Print or Not to Print, That is the Question (POLL)

I know that in the past it’s been slow with getting responses of any kind, but with the fact that I’m really going to be pushing this one with my social media, I hope for a better outcome.

If you’re an active reader of my blog, then you know by now that I’m currently in the editing stages for my second novel.  While it’s still not coming out for a little while, I’m already thinking ahead in terms of various aspects of it, including what format it shall be published in.  While it will for sure be available digitally like A Moment’s Worth and “The Shadows,” I’m toying with the idea of possibly making it available in print too.  I’ve done some research and generally speaking, it would be very inexpensive for me to make that happen.  The question is though, is that something people would want?  Would people want the option of getting it in a physical format?

That’s where this poll comes in.  I want as much input on this decision as much as possible.  It’s readers I’m striving to appeal to after all, and so they may as well have a say on it.  There’s no set deadline as to when you need to get in your vote.  This will go on until the time comes for me to start working on publishing the book, and however many votes I have then, will determine whether this new novel of mine will appear in print or not.

So please go vote as to whether or not you’d care for a print version of my upcoming novel to be made available or not, and please share this poll with as many people you know as possible.  The more feedback I get regarding this decision, the better.



2 thoughts on “Special Sunday Post: To Print or Not to Print, That is the Question (POLL)

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