A Guest Post for MLBB: Thoughts about Reading Books while Writing Books

What’s up everyone! Today I have something interesting to share with you. A while ago, I wrote up a guest post for the incredibly prolific book blog, My Little Book Blog, and it just went live several hours ago. In the piece, I share my thoughts about being able to continue reading the books that I want to read while writing the books that I want to write, while keeping such worlds one and their own in my head. Shout out to Lizzy for having me as a guest on her blog for the day and be sure to check out her blog for her reviews, other guest posts, and other writings of a similar kind.



Consider the obvious when an author names one of their hobbies being reading. That would make a lot of sense; in a call-and-response kind of matter. An author wouldn’t be in the profession they’re in now if they didn’t read in their spare time and any author that doesn’t read is one that ought to not be trusted.

As an author myself, I too am just as adamant about reading as I am about writing, and an activity like that doesn’t stop when I’m creating reading material myself. I still read, amidst the story that’s swirling in my own head… and it’s the balance regarding switching between two different, fictional worlds at a time that remains to be a challenge.


I’ve been a published author for a little over a year now. I released my debut novel, “A Moment’s Worth,” last year, and I’m currently in the editing stage for…

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