Special Tuesday Post: Election Day (POLL)

If you reside here in the United States, then Happy Election Day! Contrary to what the media is making it seem like otherwise, this is not the year where we vote for president, but today is a reminder of the rights we have to actually provide voice to who we wanted to see representing our communities, our states, and our country. For those who reside outside the United States, I can imagine similar rights existing when it comes the governing bodies as your respective leaders as well.

It’s with that that I figured today would be a good day to remind everyone that the poll to vote whether or not you want my second novel to be available in print is still open. There’s still no date as to when it will close, but I still advise not to wait around too long if you consider voting, and here’s why: My second novel is to be released in 2016, and while the actual release date itself is yet to be determined, with the fact that we are in the month of November now, it’s evident to see how the new year really isn’t that far away now.

Edits are still taking place, but eventually I’m going to have to start working on the publishing aspect of the book, and I need to make sure I have all the necessary material on me ready to go (in terms of cover art, proper formatting of the manuscript, etc.). It’s not everyday an author gives its readers this kind of power, in terms of deciding what forms the novel will be published, so I encourage you to take a few seconds to vote.

To see the original post regarding the poll, click here. Thank you for reading and a new post will be up on Saturday like always.



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