Special Sunday Post: The Poll Has a DEADLINE

In case you missed out on the previous blog posts about this (which you can check out here and here), I currently have a poll going on where people can vote on whether or not they want to see my second novel available in print as well as digital. 2016 is not that far away now and that is the year I plan to release this novel I’m currently working on.

While editing is still taking place, it’s wise to note for the past two months, I’ve begun conceptualizing what the front cover is going to look like, and I aim for this week to mark the beginning of really assembling that together into fruition. With the fact that I’m starting to dive in on that aspect of it now, naturally it’s wise to consider whether to create a back cover for the book too, and that normally applies with books that are released in print. But since I still don’t know if I should release it in print or not, that’s why I want to make the following announcement:

There is now a deadline to get your votes in. You now have until December 1st to decide on whether or not I should make the second novel available in print. The sooner I know, the sooner I can make the proper arrangements in production and design ready to make this happen. This poll has been up for nearly three months and so far, I haven’t gotten any votes. With the number of people who see this, whether it be on social media, in their e-mail, or their WordPress newsfeed, there should be no reason why I can’t get at least a few people to take a few seconds to vote yes or no in the poll. If December 1st comes and there are still no votes, I’ll only assume for there to be no print version of the novel.

So please GO VOTE. It only takes a few seconds. And please do not hesitate and share this with other people you know. The more input I get on this decision, the better.



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