2 Years of Lola By The Bay/2015 Year in Review

As you can see in terms of establishing a tradition, the appearance of my blog has changed once more. After sticking with the same look for the past year, I figured that it’s time to change it up a little. This is, of course, in celebration of two things. Two days from now will mark two years since I officially launched Lola By The Bay, and today is the last regularly scheduled weekly blog post for 2015. I look back on my recap from a year ago, and I see now how I was somewhat fresh from a year being active in the blogosphere and still in a state of making my way.

This past year of the blog has definitely been far more different. Since I didn’t release a book this year, I had to compensate for that with the topics I chose from week to week. This past year in general has been quite different, and not exactly in a good way. Let me run it through now with my annual year in review. Continue reading “2 Years of Lola By The Bay/2015 Year in Review”

Life with the Stories from “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”: About “Star Wars”

Over the course of the past year, I’ve made the effort to expand my dialogue about storytelling by going beyond the boundaries of books and out into the mediums of TV and movies. I do so by devoting a least one post every other month to an overview of a TV show or movie that’s reached a significant time in its history (i.e. series premiere, series finale, film release, anniversary of a release/premiere, etc.). Previously, I discussed my thoughts about the latest Pixar film, “The Good Dinosaur.” Today, in light of the release of the newest film of the saga, I discuss my love for the much hailed (and dissed) space opera, “Star Wars.”

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WARNING: While this post will be focusing on the “Star Wars” saga as a whole, there will indeed be spoilers from “The Force Awakens.” Read at your own risk.

Continue reading “Life with the Stories from “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”: About “Star Wars””

Writing For/With/Against the Times

When in writing stories, a magical ability the writer has is that they can set that story in a wide variety of time periods. It can be set in the past, the present, and even the future. As a result, it can set up a number of challenges for you. If you’re writing something that takes place in the past, then that sets up a wide assortment of research for you to conduct on the designated time period. If your story is set in the present, while not a lot of research may be needed, there are always case scenarios where something happens that may or may not impact your present-set story. As for stories that take place in the future, depending on how you want to conduct it, there may be no research needed at all, for it’s a time that’s yet to take place and therefore, what you make of it and how you predict it resides in your hands.

These are basic cases for time-sensitive writing projects. However, to make things even more complex, there are times where in order to get your story not only accurate with the times but overall meeting your level of satisfactory, there are times where a writer may find themselves writing for, with, or even against the times. Continue reading “Writing For/With/Against the Times”

Writing For/Against the Masses

A few months ago, I briefly encountered an aspiring writer. Getting into a little conversation, he explained to me how he was previously working on a science fiction novel. While it wasn’t perfectly structured as he made it clear to see, the story and key elements made it interesting enough where it sounded really unique and unlike other science fiction stories I had previously heard. He said how he had set it aside for the time being and is currently working on something that was more so for the masses.

I couldn’t help feel a little discouraged when I heard that last part. While he didn’t say he was giving up on his science fiction novel completely, the fact he was working on something that, genre-speaking, would be more popular was almost like hearing someone surrender. Much like TV shows, movies, and music, particular themes and genres are fashion from time to time in the world of books as well, and going against them can effect your readership to a certain extent. Continue reading “Writing For/Against the Masses”