Writing For/With/Against the Times

When in writing stories, a magical ability the writer has is that they can set that story in a wide variety of time periods. It can be set in the past, the present, and even the future. As a result, it can set up a number of challenges for you. If you’re writing something that takes place in the past, then that sets up a wide assortment of research for you to conduct on the designated time period. If your story is set in the present, while not a lot of research may be needed, there are always case scenarios where something happens that may or may not impact your present-set story. As for stories that take place in the future, depending on how you want to conduct it, there may be no research needed at all, for it’s a time that’s yet to take place and therefore, what you make of it and how you predict it resides in your hands.

These are basic cases for time-sensitive writing projects. However, to make things even more complex, there are times where in order to get your story not only accurate with the times but overall meeting your level of satisfactory, there are times where a writer may find themselves writing for, with, or even against the times. Continue reading “Writing For/With/Against the Times”