On the Hustle to Get Work Done (Second Novel Status Report #4)

With the fact that it’s not only a new year but also the year of the release, I figured it’s time to release another status report on my second novel. I can imagine these to appear much more frequent now than before, as we get closer and closer to the book’s release.

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Thoughts About the Stories Behind the Stories

No matter what, regardless of what form it takes in, we all get a kick out of storytelling. Whether if it means getting lost in the words in a book, or losing yourself in the emotions presented on a silver screen, we’re always looking for stories; in particular the ones that are completely fictional. It’s because the stories we crave are often fabricated that one realizes how it has a foundation, made up of ideas, inspiration and even a little bit of reality. That is why a common question a storyteller receives is: “How did you come up with the idea for the story?” It’s a broad question with a lot of components to it. It also brings up another story, and that is the story behind the story.

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From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading

It’s been a crummy week for the world. While no mass shootings or terrorist attacks have happened at all this week, it’s hard to ignore the scarily common occurrence of seasoned entertainers passing away from cancer (some of whom having kept a tight lip about). With the sudden loss of so many people this week- for me, in particular, Alan Rickman on Thursday- I’m finding it difficult this week to summon the proper energy to write on the topic that was originally scheduled for today. Continue reading “From Moments to Memories: Recommended Reading”

3 Things I Want To Do As An Author

As an author, the top priority is to, of course, write. However, I must say that there are a number of things I want to do with this status of mine that other authors have had the privilege of doing. It’s not about becoming famous from this occupation, but rather to put it to good use beyond just writing books. That is why today, for the first time ever on Lola By The Bay, I present to you a listicle; a listicle of three things I want to do as an author. Let’s get it going: Continue reading “3 Things I Want To Do As An Author”

Forging Paths (Journey Alone Pt. II)

It’s the beginning of a new year and I am looking forward to various happy happenings that are to go underway over the course of the next 12 months. I plan to release my second book this year, there are other writing projects of mine that hope to finally see the light of day, much more blog posts are to come your way on this blog as well as the others I write for, and more.

As much as 2015 sucked, I can’t ignore the fact that the past five years have held a number of unique experiences for me; more than I ever would have expected when I was 18. I’ve gotten to interview a number of interesting people (some of whom I could not believe I was in the position of speaking to), I’ve gotten involved in two amazing non-profit organizations, and of course I launched my career as an author by releasing my first novel. Continue reading “Forging Paths (Journey Alone Pt. II)”