In the Scheme of Genres

Returning back to the front of books for today, genres are what’s presently on my mind. There are so many books out there; each of them are different in their own way by many means, and one of those aspects is that they each fall under a particular genre (or genres).

Genres are part of what helps a book tell a story, especially in regards to what kind of elements it contains in it. Perhaps it’s set in a world where both science and magic co-exist. Maybe the story takes place during a significant part of history, but made up with fictional characters. There are also cases where the story is on the development of the love between two people. Other times, a murder has happened and the mystery behind who did it and why needs to be solved. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading “In the Scheme of Genres”

Thoughts About Rejections

How do you deal with a rejection? What effect does it have on you emotionally and how do you go about with proceeding forward from it? This is a topic that I’ve been meaning to discuss for a while, and after the events that have happened in my life over the past few days, now feels like the right time to finally touch on the subject. Rejection comes in several forms, and it’s something that can never be truly avoided by¬† anyone, but for the sake of the matter, I want to focus in on the rejections received as a creative person… and/or as a Millennial; for these are the rejections that follow along the “make or break” kind of deal. Continue reading “Thoughts About Rejections”

Thinking Like a Filmmaker

When one goes and pursues a form of storytelling, I think an unexpected after affect of that is suddenly being able to see and analyze the executions of other works of the given medium. I know that to be the case in my experience, for ever since I decided to pursue writing more seriously a few years ago, my eye for what makes a good story in terms of books suddenly enhanced and matured, as I’m now better at being able to detect when the flow of the story is moving properly, whether or not a plot execution is effective, the development of a character, and more.

Of course, the same can go for someone who reads actively as well, and it’s that kind of mindset that has brought me to a realization recently. Does one have to be involved as a creator in the designated storytelling medium in order to know whether a work has been executed well or not? In the case of books, I can see that to not be the case, and recently I’ve realized that can go for films as well. I’ve come to see how within the past few years, I’m starting to think like a filmmaker. Continue reading “Thinking Like a Filmmaker”

5 Unfrequented Strong Female Characters in TV and Film in the 21st Century

There’s a lot of talk these days about better representation and diversity in various storytelling mediums, and that has even included better representation of female characters. They’re not just eye candy or the love interest, and there should not be as much emphasis as there is on what they wear, what they look like, what they’re interests are and what not.

Obviously, this conversation transcends beyond the storytelling world, for it’s characters like these that set up the idea in people’s heads on what a female is like and how to treat them. The weaker a female character is developed, the likelihood that idea is going to transcend onto someone’s mind. That’s why it’s cool to see efforts made now than ever before on more female-driven stories; from female characters as the lead in action films, to a female director guiding the way, and in the case of the literary world, female authors writing awesome female characters.

Continue reading “5 Unfrequented Strong Female Characters in TV and Film in the 21st Century”