Thinking Like a Filmmaker

When one goes and pursues a form of storytelling, I think an unexpected after affect of that is suddenly being able to see and analyze the executions of other works of the given medium. I know that to be the case in my experience, for ever since I decided to pursue writing more seriously a few years ago, my eye for what makes a good story in terms of books suddenly enhanced and matured, as I’m now better at being able to detect when the flow of the story is moving properly, whether or not a plot execution is effective, the development of a character, and more.

Of course, the same can go for someone who reads actively as well, and it’s that kind of mindset that has brought me to a realization recently. Does one have to be involved as a creator in the designated storytelling medium in order to know whether a work has been executed well or not? In the case of books, I can see that to not be the case, and recently I’ve realized that can go for films as well. I’ve come to see how within the past few years, I’m starting to think like a filmmaker. Continue reading “Thinking Like a Filmmaker”