Pushing Molasses Along (Second Novel Status Report #5)

It’s been three months since my previous status report about the making of my second novel. Reading back on that previous update, I see how I said that I aim to make these updates more frequent as time comes along, but it’s hard to really provide anything substantiating to say when progress these days continues to move ever so slowly.

Edits are still coming along, and for anyone in tune with the art of writing a novel, you know how this stage tends to be more time-consuming than the actual writing process. The list of edits and various other changes continues to shrink and grow, shrink and grow as I apply them to the text. It’s starting to shape up to look a little bit better now.

As for on the other end of the editing spectrum, the turnout from the editor continues to be slow. Those several weeks without any feedback eventually turned out to be several months. It’s only this month where I finally got some back on one of the chapters, but nothing more since then. Understandably, this is starting to put me on edge.

Someone once said to me that based on her understanding, the publishing industry moves as slowly as molasses. That may be, but when it comes to the self-publishing sector, where the author has more control over what happens and how fast it happens than they ever would in the traditional route, then a delay like this is quite unnerving.

But no matter though, as I plan things along. I still have every intent to release the second novel this year, but it looks like it may be a little later than I would have originally desired. If anything, it means everything for it to be released this year, for with the topics it addresses and themes incorporated into the context is something that I know needs to be read and digested during an election year.

What I also notice as I continue to write and edit along is that because of the fact that this book is set in the future, events and changes that are happening in our world in today’s time can more or less have an effect on the events that take place in my book (and I’m sure that just as well goes for the actual future ahead of us). This can either be accommodating in a really uncanny way to my novel, or it can change the outlook on something, where the original intentions were much different. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the aftermath of the recent passing of Prince now makes this one scene in my novel look like something else. I know that’s kind of vague, but I can’t really be more specific without unfolding a spoiler before the novel even has a chance to see the light of day.

So I continue to push the molasses along as I proceed with hustling. At this point, I don’t know when I’ll choose to drop the next update. All I’ll say is that I hope to be in a much different place in the novel’s progress by that point.

A Moment’s Worth is now available through the following venues: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes. Please leave a review if you can, for my goal is to get a total of at least 20 reviews on all venues (so far, I’ve gotten 12 reviews so I’m already just past the halfway point to my goal). Check out its Goodreads page, which includes two trivia quizzes for all who’ve completed reading it already.



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