Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “The Shadows”!

The weather is getting warmer, people are or about to be out of school soon, and celebrations are on the horizon; not just graduations, but anniversaries too. Yesterday marked two years since the release of my short story, “The Shadows.”

For those who don’t know what it’s about, here is the synopsis for it: Continue reading “Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “The Shadows”!”

When on this creative journey, anything’s possible

Many thanks to Tim for featuring me on his blog once more. Many do not know that I was dealing with a MAJOR creative block prior to embarking on writing “A Moment’s Worth.” Today, I discuss how I overcame it, with a little help from a fairytale author and joining an empowering non-profit.


What Inspires Your Writing?

Sometimes creative dry spells can be broken in unexpected ways. This morning, Lauren Lola, author of A Moment’s Worth, shares her story of getting past a particularly vicious one. If you’ve got some inspiring advice to share, please send it in!

There comes a time and place in a creator’s journey where they’re going to face a creative block of some sort. Whether it comes completely out of nowhere or could be seen from a mile away, they’re bound to happen, and the struggle can be real.

That is something I had faced for months prior to making one of the biggest decisions of my life.

I had just completed my second year of college and I was well aware of the fact that I was in a major creative block. While I was writing all the time, they tended to be non-creative works; such as academic papers…

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Thoughts About Location Scouting and Research Trips

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to deciding settings in a story. You could have a character from the exact same hometown as you, they would be living and working in a city in a part of the country you’re generally unfamiliar with, or in a part of the plot where it has the potential to re-define everything that they know, they may even need to travel abroad. But what do you do if your desired setting is a place that you’ve never been to before? How do you go about with researching that location in advance? That’s where I contemplate on the way of location scouting and research trips. Continue reading “Thoughts About Location Scouting and Research Trips”

Storytelling in Film Scores

Note: For those who actually take notice of the activity that goes on on this blog, you may have noticed how I didn’t post my weekly blog post yesterday. My laptop has been undergoing repairs and updates throughout this past week, and that’s even included uninstalling and deleting documents and programs employees at the repair place it was brought to stupidly put on here. So naturally, I had virtually no access to my blog. But all is fine with my laptop now after the additional defragmentations, upgrades, patches and scans it went through, and so while it’s still the weekend, I’m making up for lost time with a topic that’s long since overdue. Continue reading “Storytelling in Film Scores”

From the Spectrum of Asian American Authors

May is here, and once more, it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. While the movie industry in Hollywood continues to embarrass itself by whitewashing Asian roles, the peeps over at the White House expressed just how valued and important the community is as it honored ten Champions for Change in art and storytelling back on Wednesday.

As I’ve done in previous years when in discussion about this particular month, I often try to take it on from various yet relevant lenses, and this year it’s appropriately about the wide spectrum of Asian American authors that are out there, myself included. Already last year, I had come across two amazing pieces that named Asian American authors that are worthy of checking out, such as this fantastic listicle Buzzfeed published for the previous Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and this incredible essay and list written by author Celeste Ng on how there are a wide array of Asian American female authors out there other than Amy Tan. Continue reading “From the Spectrum of Asian American Authors”