When on this creative journey, anything’s possible

Many thanks to Tim for featuring me on his blog once more. Many do not know that I was dealing with a MAJOR creative block prior to embarking on writing “A Moment’s Worth.” Today, I discuss how I overcame it, with a little help from a fairytale author and joining an empowering non-profit.


What Inspires Your Writing?

Sometimes creative dry spells can be broken in unexpected ways. This morning, Lauren Lola, author of A Moment’s Worth, shares her story of getting past a particularly vicious one. If you’ve got some inspiring advice to share, please send it in!

There comes a time and place in a creator’s journey where they’re going to face a creative block of some sort. Whether it comes completely out of nowhere or could be seen from a mile away, they’re bound to happen, and the struggle can be real.

That is something I had faced for months prior to making one of the biggest decisions of my life.

I had just completed my second year of college and I was well aware of the fact that I was in a major creative block. While I was writing all the time, they tended to be non-creative works; such as academic papers…

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