Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “The Shadows”!

The weather is getting warmer, people are or about to be out of school soon, and celebrations are on the horizon; not just graduations, but anniversaries too. Yesterday marked two years since the release of my short story, “The Shadows.”

For those who don’t know what it’s about, here is the synopsis for it:

Just like how light can contradict darkness, darkness can obscure the light.
That’s exactly how the shadows- the Sun Spirits- work as they go about day-to-day, observing humanity. However, after hearing too much about humanity’s act of ongoing violence and other wrongdoings during the daily meeting of the Council of the Sun Spirits, the Chieftain declares a ban on the appearance of the sun for all of eternity. It will take a lot of conviction from the council for him to see with eyes of reasoning.

This ultimately served as a soft launch for me as an author. While I would release A Moment’s Worth a month and a half later, the release of “The Shadows” was not just a test run, but also the beginnings of my status as an author. It was significant enough as to where its publication was mention a few weeks later, at the presentation of a stage adaptation of one of my chapters from A Moment’s Worth.

Compared to my novel, it isn’t as widely read of a work. However, my favorite responses to it still are that the dialogue is reminiscent of how Yoda talks and that the story itself is somewhat like a Korean morality story. It’s a fantasy tale whose origins hail from a sighting of silhouettes against the backdrop of a gleaming sunset, close to where a building once stood at my alma mater.

I’m not sure if other writers ever experience this, where they write something and are surprised that that just came right from them and not someone else. The Korean morality story comment isn’t too far off from the truth, for when writing this little gem of mine, I did have the intent for it to sound folkloric. I just did not expect for it to sound so much like that style of writing as I did. It’s one of those things where even I had to take a moment and think to myself: Wow! Even I’m impressed, and I’m the one who wrote it!

I think about the themes I address in it, and consider its relevancy now, two years after it was originally published. In a time now where we have one of the worst people in the world running for presidency, if I were the Chieftain, even I may need to reconsider letting the light to continue shining.

But of course, as learned by the story’s end, it’s the good that people take from the light that makes all the difference in the world. For instance, just this week, President Obama became the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima. While he did not apologize for the atomic bombing of August 6, 1945, his words did sooth and comfort the souls of many.

As it’s made known on this blog, I’ve had a difficult time getting people to read both “The Shadows” and A Moment’s Worth. There just aren’t a lot of people reading for fun nowadays, and that is both a sad and scary realization. But for the curious ones, in particular for my novel, my best advisement is to read “The Shadows” first. It has minimal ties to the novel’s overall plot, but it’s a quick read that gives you a look at how I write and what I write about.

“The Shadows” is only available on Amazon, so be sure to go buy it here. For commentary on how this story came to be, check that out here. Also, if you can spare time to read it, then I hope you can spare a little more to leave a review of it as well. That would help a lot.

I look optimistically to the future for this little story of mine.

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