Happy 2-Year Anniversary to “A Moment’s Worth”!

If yesterday’s announcement of a little promo sale didn’t make it clear enough, then let me say now that yesterday was quite a special day. Exactly two years ago yesterday was when I released my debut novel, A Moment’s Worth.

For those who don’t know what it’s about, it can be best summed up as a novel that’s more theme-driven than plot-driven. It’s about the interconnection amongst the human race, the fine line between what is real and what could be a dream, and about the value of moments in time.

designed by Lauren Lola

It’s hard to believe the time that has passed from the day I released it. In fact, without even realizing yesterday’s anniversary, my dad managed to get a friend of his interested in my book. Actual form of celebration was pretty low key, for I think the closest I got to doing such a thing was when I miraculously caught an Eevee on Pokemon Go.

Despite the book being two years old now, it’s attained more people aware of its existence that there was within its first year of publication. Apart from my dad’s buddy yesterday, one of my closest friends finally started reading it last month. I don’t know where she is in the book now, let alone if she has even finished it yet, but it was for sure nice to finally hear she actually has been reading it, and that she really likes it.

There’s also the matter of actually doing my first signing for it at a Barnes & Noble last month. It just goes to show that the connections you have can go a long way, and if it weren’t for my former high school classmate who works at the one I had it at, my novel would still likely be unknown to the staff there. So I thank them for that.

This past year also saw different responses to my novel, beyond the previous praise of it resembling a sort of spiritual guide and a literary palate cleanser. Since the first year anniversary, it’s actually gotten some negative criticism; some of it being quite nasty. While I won’t specify who, there was one comment that was from someone who made it clear that they’re only going off of what someone else thought of the book and won’t bother reading it to see for themselves.

But to receive negative criticism is, of course, expected with any creative work. I think J.K. Rowling put it best in a documentary that was done about her once; that in order for there to be people to love it, there will also be those who will loathe it. I just wish it hadn’t taken over a year after the book’s publication for my first negative review to appear.

In addition, I also have learned to keep in mind that while the majority rules all in my book being good, I’ve come to accept that it’s going to take certain kind of people to really enjoy it, for it’s not a novel written for the mainstream. It’s very experimental and not so linear, and it really takes dropping all expectations and personal beliefs of what makes a “good story” in order to dwell into it with a truly open mind.

I mean think about it: I have mentioned in the past that author David Mitchell was one of my influences when writing A Moment’s Worth. It’s worth noting that until the (in my opinion, horribly executed) film adaptation was done in 2012, his novel Cloud Atlas was primarily unknown outside his native UK.

With the fact that I plan for my second novel to be released later this year – which, unlike this one, is more plot-driven and slightly more so directed for the mainstream – I hope through that will people learn more about A Moment’s Worth. Despite what anyone else may think about it, it’s my first novel and I’m proud of it, and the significance of the anniversary of its publication is something that I will never play down.

So just as a reminder, A Moment’s Worth is available on Amazon for $1.99 now through the end of tomorrow. If you still haven’t read it and want to check it out for a lower price than it normally is, now’s the time to do it. It’s available on other platforms as well such as Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords, but take note that their prices remain unchanged.

Also, if you want to hear about my thoughts about why A Moment’s Worth would not work as a film (as it is the common practice nowadays), then head on over to YOMYOMF to read an argument I made regarding it that I published earlier this month.

One more thing that would be great to see happen before my second novel comes out is if I can hit my goal of 20 reviews of A Moment’s Worth before then. It’s been a while since I last saw or heard from anyone review my novel, and so it would mean a lot to hear more from people who’ve read it and what their thoughts are about it. Besides, if this can happen, then I just might consider releasing more information about my second novel earlier than I had originally planned ;).

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to learn about my novel, read it, and spread the word about it. It’s very much appreciated, in a way as to where I don’t know how I’d be able to express it properly enough. I look forward to hearing from more people who discover A Moment’s Worth as time goes on.

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