Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)

Four months have passed since my previous update regarding the progress of my second novel. Last time I spoke of how progress was moving at a snail’s pace, which, as I made very clear, was not at all the speed I wanted to be going at. But due to the circumstances at the time, that pace was due to lack of feedback from the individual who was editing my work at the time.

That is why I’m so happy to say that so much has changed since then. In fact, it’s wise to note that where I’m at now, I’m actually starting to get ready for its release. Continue reading “Getting Ready (Second Novel Status Report #6)”

Thoughts About Writing Difficult Subject Matter

Writers truly have beautiful minds. No, I’m not saying that as a way to praise myself, but I mean this on a general scope, in particular regarding those who’ve been writing longer than I have. They are the ones who can create worlds, create characters, and create unique situations for them to get into on a whim. Writers are also responsible for creating the tones of stories and just how far down the road of difficulty they’ll push their characters towards. That requires a mindset of its own that writers need to constantly put themselves in, and that is something that I wanted to explore as today’s topic. Continue reading “Thoughts About Writing Difficult Subject Matter”

The Value of Originality on Page and Screen

As many others have, I’ve been watching the coverage from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics throughout the week. Since the networks in my country refuse to show it in sync with when the events are actually happening (despite Rio being four hours ahead of my time), there are a lot of commercials in between time. It was during one of these commercials where I saw a trailer for a film I hadn’t heard about yet, though it sounded quite familiar from the sight of a train, the mysterious disappearance of a local woman, and how another woman is trying to make sense of it all. Then the title appeared, and I groaned aloud upon sight. It was a trailer for the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train: a highly praised thriller novel that came out last year!

Now there may be people who see no problem with it; for they loved the book and figured it will work well as a film. As one family member argues, there shouldn’t be an issue with adapting a book for film so soon after its publication. If that’s the case, then you clearly have no idea where I’m coming from on this. It’s been nearly two years since I last talked about the lacking appearance of originally scripted films, and nowadays, it appears to be happening at a more excessive rate, and thus undermining the value of the life of original content. Continue reading “The Value of Originality on Page and Screen”

Traveling the Road Less Traveled

Despite it being two years since the release of A Moment’s Worth, I’m still at an age where it’s not only unusual to already have one published novel under my belt, but also that I’m getting to release another novel soon as well. It’s not something I brag about, for it’s more so acknowledging those who’ve noted it otherwise. In the past, I discussed my thoughts on how to go about informing people I’m an author while still enrolled in college. However, now that I’ve been out of school for a while, I’m starting to see a shift as to where I am in my life, in comparison to others; and as a result, it’s becoming clearer as to how I’m really traveling down the road less traveled. Continue reading “Traveling the Road Less Traveled”