Special Tuesday Post: Second Novel Title and Release Date REVEAL

It’s been in the works for over two years and is now almost ready to be released to the world. While I’ve said a few things here and there regarding what to expect from my second novel, I haven’t given a whole lot about it away. In many ways, it’s very different from A Moment’s Worth, but I hope that people who have read my first novel will find similar kind of vibes to different insights and thought experiments in this one too. I’ve been working really hard on this new novel of mine for so long, and with the subject matter that it’s dealing with, I feel that it is important to release it this year of all years, especially in regards to all the issues and events that we’ve been through and are still going through.

So without further ado, I want to go ahead and finally announce the title and release date for it. The second novel is called…

designed by Lauren Lola

An Absolute Mind is a science fiction novel that, despite being set in an optimistic future, tells of a recurring issue and a timeless movement that rises in response. It is a hero’s journey, as it follows Sonya Ogino, a bright college sophomore who’s struggling to decide on a major to pursue, especially since she’s on a time restraint. In the midst of this ongoing stress, she discovers that she is one of a handful of people who have a genetically evolved, cognitive ability called Absolute Memory. This automatically puts a target on her back, for there are gangs out and about who make it their mission to hunt down and kill people like her. That is why Sonya eventually finds herself taken to a secret island for her protection, only to later learn who’s really in charge of its livelihood. That’s when Sonya must summon the endurance to take action against inaction.

The idea for this novel has been on my mind since 2012, beginning with a scene that randomly popped into my head one day. However, it wasn’t until a few months before A Moment’s Worth was released did I finally decide to act on the idea. Since then, I feel that it’s evolved to become even more in that, as almost every detail of the story and its universe is written in response to the circumstances to issues and events that are going on now. That’s why it’s very important for me to emphasize that this story is set in an optimistic future, but still has its own issues to deal with, and the novel will reveal all that with time. That’s also why I’ve been very determined to release it this year, not only in regards to all that has happened this year and last, but also with an election on the horizon in my country that will certainly change things up.

To elaborate further on writing this novel as a response to the circumstances of today, that even goes for who my characters are and how they are portrayed. There’s a lot of talk these days on the need for diversity in characters in all mediums of storytelling. Already in A Moment’s Worth, there was a wide array of characters that go beyond the typical white male protagonist. This time around, while I still continue that, I hope for it to be hard-hitting; especially in the departments of more enhanced representation of female characters, API (Asian/Pacific Islander) characters, mixed race characters, and LGBT characters. (I honestly feel weird writing this paragraph, and I know that this won’t be the last time I speak of it, but I felt that it’s important to address it, given the times.)

This is all I’m going to say for now about An Absolute Mind, for I feel that to reveal anything else about it right now may spoil it. The novel will be released on November 15th (ironically, the week after the presidential election) and apart from being available in digital format, it will also be made available in print. All details regarding that and when pre-orders will start will be made available next month.

For now, I’m just happy to have finally revealed what this new novel is all about. I hope everyone and anyone reading this post are just as excited for An Absolute Mind as I am.


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