Getting Ready, Excited, and Nervous

So… I announced my second novel a few days ago. I’ve been keeping it to myself for so long, that it’s good to have its title and synopsis out in the air. An Absolute Mind is on its way soon, as the realization struck me not only on the day of the announcement, but also two days ago when I noticed that I’m two months away from its release. Many emotions are coming to me as I continue to get ready, but excitement and nervousness are the primaries.

This isn’t so much another update on the novel, as it is a personal extension of last week’s post about second novels. While I did incorporate my own experience briefly into it, today I want to elaborate more on that. I want to show just how those points I addressed apply in my case.

The newness that will no longer apply in my status as an author in some ways will retain with the release of this new novel. I struggled quite a bit with promoting A Moment’s Worth, and so naturally, not a lot of people are familiar with my work. But with a better, more developed approach this time around, this will actually be the first time for many to hear of my work. While it’s a sign of learning as I go, I also see it as a natural flow. You gain more with experience.

The second novel is known to be the most difficult one to write, as you’re drawing upon much more limited resources than you did with your debut. But in my case, I actually don’t see it like that. Because of the fact that I got the ideas for both An Absolute Mind and A Moment’s Worth only a few months apart but pursued them at different times, it hasn’t been that difficult for me to sink into once it came time to starting planning for it. Though of course, I can imagine the story to flow a little differently when I work on my third novel.

I’ve been through the aftermath of the first novel. That experience has been lived, and it left me a little worn and scarred. It left me feeling that I could have done better with promoting it, that’s for sure. It also left me with a number of broken promises from people who I know who said they’d read it. Well, it’s been over two years, and their words look no truer than the day they spoke them.

So as I said before, I’ve been approaching the promotion aspect of the second novel with lessons learned and applied as I go along. It’s all in the matter of strategy and persistence in that regard. As for the lingering question as to who I know will say they’ll read the book and actually mean it, obvious that’s a mystery that shall unfold starting in mid-November, on the day of the book’s release. But as you can imagine, I really shouldn’t have to speculate this. I believe in this novel so much, that hopefully that energy will rub off on others too.

The experience really is what you make of it, and I really had a grand time writing An Absolute Mind. Because it’s so different from A Moment’s Worth, the approach and development that went into it had to be adjusted. It would have been impossible to go into it with the same mentality that I had for A Moment’s Worth. But that’s what made creating the second novel not only fun, but more worthwhile as I continue to grow as an author. The more you explore and experiment, the more you learn in the long run. I really hope that shows through when I release An Absolute Mind a few months from now.

Well, this made for an engaging analysis! I’m curious: What specifically about the second novel are you looking forward to?



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